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The usefulness of #hashtags on Instagram

Instagram Hashtags, useful or not?

hashtags nikeWho doesn’t want to become popular with their Instagram profile? Get more followers and more likes by using the right hashtags. In fact, using hashtags, and how you use them on Instagram is very important. How to do that the right way, you will read in this article.

Who hasn’t seen them pass by in Insta posts? We’re talking about hashtags. Hashtags are words that appear after this character “#”. Hashtags are keywords you can attach to a photo you post. When you use the search function within Instagram, you are essentially searching for posts with matching hashtags. If these keywords are not associated with your photo, then you will most likely not be found. Not being found also means no likes on your post, or gaining you a new follower.



How to use hashtags.

How to use hashtags. A hashtag deploys descriptively. This means that the word tells something about what you see in the picture. The better the match, the more it will yield. Many people use irrelevant keywords and therefore miss the mark.


People who use the search function at Instagram are looking for something specific. These people you want to reach, of course, because, after all, you want to form a match. The better the match, the more likely your post will be liked, and you will gain a new follower.



nike shoesExample with a shoe

Here we give you a nice example with accompanying image. You post a picture of your new shoes. In doing so, you try to describe the shoes using hashtags as best you can. People who enter these keywords in the search function will then come to your post much faster.


You can attach the following #hashtags to this post:

#nikeshoes #suedeshoes #sportshoessuede #greynike #greynikes #greynikeshoes #sportshoeswoman #womannikes #nikeswomen and so on. As you can see, they the tags are descriptive.


  • Do not use tags that have nothing to do with your photo, such as:

#opterrace #churchstreet #holiday #zoo


  • What you can do is use the irrelevant words without a hashtag such as:

Been to the zoo with my #nikeshoes



Golden Tip: being unique is better

The more unique the hashtag, the more targeted your audience. More than 225 million people are active on the word fitness. The chances of your post being shown at #fitness are extremely low. The hashtag #fitnessinstructor is used only 21,000 times, where you are thus featured much faster. The lower the number, and therefore the more unique the tag is, the more the yield will be. To focus on large numbers is to shoot with hail.



dutch hashtagsUsing Dutch tags

By using Dutch hashtags, you not only target the smaller market, where competition is lower, but in many cases you reach more people. Especially when using Instagram for business purposes and marketing, it is smarter to focus on Dutch keywords.



More likes and followers help with findability

To get post better found, likes and followers can help. Just search for a few hashtags yourself and see what profiles show up. Often these are the profiles with 2000+ followers and 100+ likes. You can do this yourself. In fact, you can buy likes for your photos and buy followers for your Instagram profile. If you still have little of either, then a combination package can also be useful. With a combo package, multiple photos are liked, and you gain followers. Relatively speaking, this is cheaper.


Reaching specific audiences

If you want to reach a specific audience on Instagram without setting up a paid campaign, we have a very nice product, which is very effective and many times cheaper, namely our automation package. By automating, you get real activity which is good for your profile and your ranking. In addition, you build your exposure and gain real followers, real likes, and real reactions from your target audience! Read more about automating your profile here.

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