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Best YouTube Growth Strategy Of 2023

Are you planning to start a thriving YouTube channel soon? Then having a YouTube strategy is crucial! In this blog, we discuss what is involved in a successful YouTube channel, when a channel is actually successful and explain the best YouTube strategy in 2023.

What’s involved in a successful YouTube channel?

Building a successful YouTube channel is not something you do overnight. Many users start their YouTube channel and drop out after only two months of no luck. Our tip; don’t start if you don’t want to commit yourself 100% to the channel. Especially the first period can be tricky, because you won’t see the results you want right away. The following things are involved in starting a successful channel:

  • Motivation: with high motivation, you will put more effort into the channel and persevere, even when times are tough.
  • Time: You have to set aside a lot of time to start up and maintain a channel. Even if this means you will see less of your friends, YouTube comes first.
  • Patience: don’t expect the channel to make tons of money super quickly. Setting realistic goals helps keep persevering.
  • Knowledge: you must be willing to do a lot of online research.
  • Money: should you not be willing or able to make the videos yourself, you will need freelancers to do so.

As you can see, there is much more to being successful on YouTube than just uploading a few videos.

When is a channel successful?

But when is a YouTube channel successful? This is different for everyone. Where one person’s goal is to make money passively, another may start a YouTube channel with the goal of creating more brand awareness for the company.

Some different objectives a channel owner may have:

  • Financial success: many entrepreneurs start a YouTube account to make enough money from it to quit their jobs, or to generate a second stream of income.
  • Many subscribers: it can also be important for you to build a close and large community. Many people choose to buy YouTube subscribers.
  • Name recognition: want to upload company videos on YouTube? Then maybe your goal is to create more brand awareness.

So everyone sees a successful channel differently, what about your channel?

The best YouTube strategy in 2023

Using these steps, we will explain how to get as much as possible out of your YouTube channel with the least amount of resources. In this YouTube strategy, we focus mainly on….. SEO! This is an easy and good YouTube tip to get a successful channel in the year 2023. Sure there are other factors involved in a successful channel. Such as a good objective and a content strategy, we will also touch on these.

Follow the steps below if you really want to make something of your YouTube channel this year!

Step 1. Define your goal

As described above, everyone has a different goal with their YouTube channel. For this reason, this is immediately your first step for your YouTube strategy. What exactly do you want to achieve with this channel? Make your goal SMART (Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-bound) and put it on paper so that when things get tough you can look back.

To make it specific and measurable, you can work with different kpi such as views, subscribers, view time and impressions. Really don’t know how to rate it well, and are you new to YouTube? Then chop your big goal (e.g., get the YouTube partner program) into small pieces. After all, achieving small steps is much more motivating than constantly failing to achieve your goals.

Step 2. Research your sub-niche’s target audience

Next, it’s time to get to work researching your target audience. This is important because you need to make sure that viewers interact as much as possible (think like and comment) so that the YouTube algorithm shares your video with even more users.

By researching what types of videos appeal to your target audience within your sub-niche, you will ensure that you will soon be creating types of videos of your own that fit their needs. For example, maybe your target audience mainly wants to relax and laugh while watching a video, or they need more relevant information. This way, later during your content strategy, you can decide what format to give your videos.

But also be sure to research at what times your target audience has time to watch YouTube, so that later you do know the best days and times to post content. For example, is your target audience students? Then they often watch YouTube videos late at night, but sleep late on weekends. On the other hand, are you dealing with young mothers? Then they often work during the day, and are still up early on weekends.

So super useful to really dive deep into the persona of your target audience.

Step 3. Content Strategy

Now is the time to create a content strategy. This involves choosing what format you want to work in; for example, interviews, tutorials, videos with lots of stock footage or documentaries. Also, hang a certain style on this. For example, work with the same colors every time, create one fixed intro, and make sure all videos are recognizable through the same style thumbnails.

But the number of times you want to post per week is also important to establish at this stage. To keep your audience captivated, it is important that you upload consistently and regularly. Just make sure the quality does not suffer. Can you only deliver 2 quality videos a week? Then don’t rush to 4 videos a week, from many bad videos your channel is really not going to grow faster.

Is your goal to make money with your channel as quickly as possible? Then soon after 10 videos you will be able to see (so in 10 days with daily uploads) whether your content strategy is working or not. If you see that it’s not catching on, you may have picked the wrong sub-niche or content strategy.

Step 4. Be intentional about SEO

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google? Reason enough to take SEO on your YouTube channel super seriously. Since this is something that is up to you, we think it is very important to explain it well in this blog so that your channel will skyrocket and you can apply for the YouTube partner program in no time.

Successful SEO begins with proper keyword research. You can do this by just using the YouTube search bar, but also through paid programs such as the Google Keyword planner or using Google Trends. When doing this, keep your target audience in mind. Think about what they will type into Google or YouTube when they want to know about your sub-niche.

As indicated above, you can also use YouTube’s search function. Key in a topic within your sub-niche, and automatically see what words or phrases pop up.

Have you found some good keywords? Then start by making a long list. Not just with short keywords, but also with longer search phrases. These long searches create less competition.

You can use these keywords and phrases in the following ways:

  • In video titles: make sure the title is attractive to your target audience and includes a keyword.
  • In the descriptions of videos: a long description (at least 200 words) helps YouTube understand your video. Include at least 5 times a keyword in your description.
  • In the tags of videos: in each video there is space for 3 tags, use the best ones from your list for this and sometimes alternate.

To quickly meet the requirements for the YouTube program, you can also buy Dutch YouTube views. By buying views, you give your video a big boost and your video reaches many more people.

Step 5. Analyze your results well

The final step in this YouTube strategy is to analyze your videos. After uploading at least 10 videos, apply the 20/80 rule; go deeper into (or revisit) the topics that the top 20% well-viewed videos on your channel were about.

In addition, look at how your title and thumbnail were received. You can see this by comparing the number of views (views) to the number of users who saw your title and thumbnail go by, but did not click. If this percentage is below 10%, then you need to make your titles and thumbnails more attractive.

All in all, creating a YouTube strategy is super important. This way, you know what to expect, have built up a schedule and maintain more motivation and patience to make your channel a successful one. Did you find this blog interesting and would like to learn more about the YouTube platform? Then also read this blog, where we explain to you how to make a good YouTube video.

Giving your YouTube channel an initial boost

Many people choose to give their channel an initial boost. This is to quickly reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing time, for example, or to give YouTube’s algorithm a push in the right direction. You can buy YouTube views for that. Buying views for your YouTube video ensures that your video will be shown to a larger audience and therefore be found better. An ideal strategy for growing your YouTube channel quickly.

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