New rules for making money with Youtube

Making money with Youtube, it really can be done. Many of you discovered this some time ago. For those not already familiar with it, this article may be of interest before you get started.

In this article, we tell you:

  • what about the new rules
  • how to get more viewing time
  • how to make your video more findable
  • how to get extra likes
  • how to get more subscribers
  • That quality is more important than quantity
  • How to find the total viewing time

Ads make money

Companies that want ads to appear on Youtube must pay advertising fees. For them, this is called Google AdWords.

Those who want to make money with their YouTube channel can choose to have advertisements shown before the video begins, or during the video, if the play time is long enough. After all, the advertisements make you money. How much that is varies by time and industry. The more often advertisements are shown, the more it will earn you. In short, the more people watch your videos, the more dollars you get.

Google, of which Youtube is a part, has created an earning program called AdSense. If you want to make money with YouTube, create an AdSense account. You link this account to your bank account and to your YouTube account.


New rules for making money with Youtube

Making money is not instantaneous. You need to have built a sizable community before you can make money. Your videos must be viewed quite a few times before a payout occurs.

There are a number of conditions you must meet to make money with your YouTube channel. The following conditions are effective January 18, 2018:



So you need a minimum of 1000 subscribers on your channel and your videos must have at least 4000 hours of views in the past few months. The more videos you have, the easier it is. Also, the length of your video matters because 30-second videos should be viewed more often than videos of a few minutes.


How to get more viewing time

Get more view time by making a good video that is clearly about something. People actually want to know fairly in the beginning if they have landed on the right video, so make sure that tell immediately what the highlights are and what all you are going to tell and discuss. One part will then drop out and the other part will watch your entire video if all goes well. The longer your video is, the easier it is to get to your 4,000 hours of viewing time. Over an entire year, the 4,000 hours is not too bad, especially when you have multiple videos.

watch time-youtube

Buy viewing time

One way to spotlight your video is to buy view time. Sometimes your video doesn’t succeed in getting good views on its own, so you can

Buy Youtube views

. This can be done with us and is 100% safe for your account and movie you have Adsense (advertising) running on. Many people see that this makes the video better found and therefore really gets the ball rolling.


Making it easy to find

With each video you upload, you can include “tags. These are keywords on which you can be found. Utilize them all and make sure the keywords are also relevant to the content posted. The more unique the keywords are, the easier your video will come up in search results. In the example below, we used 3 keywords. Use all 20 of them!

keywords seo youtube



extra likes

likes on youtubeIn the video, feel free to ask people to like the video if they like it. Those who had not thought of the free like are now reminded. You can also buy likes, of course, to boost the look a bit.


Minimum 1,000 subscribers

youtube subscribersThe minimum of 1,000 subscribers to your YouTube channel is not easy for everyone to achieve. People are not quick to subscribe to your channel because you have one good video. You then really need to post something interesting on a regular basis that makes people not want to miss your new video. Vloggers have put a lot of thought into this, and these people often have many subscribers on their channels as a result. If you want a little help you can of course
Buy Youtube subscribers
! Do you think all vloggers are starting with 0? Indeed, many have also bought the first piece, or even buy more from time to time to continue growing the channel. The number of subscribers can be found in the red button to the right of each video.


Quality over quantity

At all times, make sure your videos are valuable, contain lots of information and tips. Better to have 3 good videos that actually benefit people than 20 videos that no one wants to watch for more than 10 seconds.


Looking back at how much viewing time you have now

To find out how much viewing time you currently have on your channel you can go to the Creator Studio or follow this link:

The Creator Studio can be found by clicking on your own icon at the top right within Youtube. In the menu, you can then click on Creator Studio. A menu appears on the left side where you can click Analytics.


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