Buying YouTube Views With Viewing Time

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✅ Buying views with viewing time for your YouTube video
⭐ Viewing time of 4.5 to 5 minutes per view
⭐ Video must be 30 min long to receive full viewing time

Type of YouTube views: Lange Kijktijd 🕒
Order now and receive 4-1200 Star Points (VIP members get more)
Order now and receive 4-1200 Star Points (VIP members get more)
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Buying YouTube views with viewing time is at your own risk. According to YouTube’s terms of service, it is not allowed to increase views and your viewing time in an artificial way.

Buying Youtube Views With Viewing Time

With us, you can buy YouTube views with viewing time to easily and quickly get your video viewed a lot and for a long time. It also gets you a lot of view time which provides a good boost for your video and your channel. A view provides an average of 4.5 to 5 minutes of viewing time. Want to achieve 4,000 hours of viewing time? Then choose 50,000 views!

Please note that your video must be at least 30 minutes long to receive the maximum viewing time. If your video is shorter than 30 minutes, you can still place an order, and the viewing time will be lower.

Turn Off Age Restriction

To reach viewers, the video’s age restriction must be disabled. It is important that the video be appropriate for all ages. Check this again if you are in doubt.

How Do I Increase My Viewing Time on YouTube?

You can easily and quickly buy more view time for your videos, quickly increasing the number of views and your total view time. Videos with more views that are viewed longer are ranked higher, giving them more attention. More attention, in turn, leads to more views, likes and other benefits. So it makes sense to buy views with viewing time for your video! Buying YouTube views

  • From 1,000 views.
  • Origin of viewers: International
  • 100% high-quality YouTube Views with viewing time.
  • Fast delivery in. Small numbers within 24 hours normal.
  • 100% delivery guarantee
  • Always the best quality
  • Long viewing time of about 4.5 to 5 minutes
  • Suitable for Google Adsense

In addition to views with viewing time, you can buy other YouTube products at Likes-kopen, think YouTube subscribers or YouTube likes.

Buying Viewing Time Has Never Been Easier

It is very easy to buy 500, 1,000, 2,000 or even more hours of viewing time for your YouTube video! These views with associated viewing time are delivered quickly and ordering them is easy and affordable.

Did you make a great video that deserves more attention? Then this is the way to make your video stand out. We deliver high-quality views with long viewing time, resulting in more viewing time for you! Buying YouTube views gives your video the ideal look of popularity and professionalism.

YouTube Partner Program

If you want to make money with YouTube Ads (Adsense), buying views with view time can also contribute to this goal. With the help of our views, you’ll reach your required viewing time faster, allowing you to make more money from your YouTube videos and channel.

Increase Your Reach And Popularity With Our Views And Services

content youtube video

Delivering content is key, especially on YouTube, which involves creating videos for your channel. In addition, you can use your other social media channels, such as Instagram, to link to your YouTube channel. For example, post a short clip in your Insta Stories to let people know there is a new video. The “swipe up” feature is often used for this purpose (may require 10,000 Instagram followers).

Want more views and viewing time for your YouTube video? Then don’t wait any longer and order your views on this page.

Do you really want to excel on YouTube?

So choose our YouTube comments, YouTube likes and YouTube subscribers. This complete package helps you grow everything. Your number of subscribers grows, you get more views (views), more likes and comments. It is the total package to grow your channel at lightning speed. What might normally take weeks, months or even years, you can now get done in 2 days. How fast that is! Are you ready to grow through YouTube and make a difference?

As soon as we receive your order, we get right to work. Our support team is here for you if you have any questions. We’re happy to answer your questions so you can get started growing your YouTube channel as soon as possible.

Ready For More Viewing Time On YouTube?

wider reach youtube

Expand your online reach with our services. Whether it’s YouTube or virtually any other social media channel, we offer packages that allow you to grow online. For example, do you have a Facebook page with fewer likes than your YouTube channel? With our packages, you can get more likes right away.

Thumbs Up!

You know the drill, at the beginning or end of your video you tell viewers that they can subscribe to your channel to not miss a single video! But is everyone listening and following up? Unfortunately no, if only that were so. Then with every viewer you would have an additional subscriber. But you can make sure that your videos get a lot of views, automatically making them more interesting to the audience.

Want More Attention For Your Videos?

It can be hard to stand out amid the many YouTube videos, even if you already have some viewers. But there are legitimate ways to grow your channel. Increasing your reach depends on several factors, such as likes, views and comments. If your video has a lot of likes, comments and views, it is more likely to become popular and trending on YouTube! You can boost your video yourself and make sure it gets the spotlight. Order 10,000 views with view time for your video now and increase your chances of success!

Also Famous YouTubers Buy Views With Viewing Time

famous people buy youtube viewsIt may surprise you, these days everyone is doing it. There are many major YouTube channels that order comments, likes and views with regularity. So why be left behind?

The thinking is that people would rather watch a video that has already been viewed 50,000 times instead of 50 times. You would do that yourself, wouldn’t you? So buying YouTube views with view time is one such method to get more views quickly. You make your video interesting with this! So go for those 10,000 views now!

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