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Free Twitter Followers

Getting free Twitter followers, it doesn’t have to be hard!

Want your Twitter account to explode, but don’t have the budget to spend on paid promotions or fake followers? Then there are still plenty of ways to get free Twitter followers. In this blog, we’ll discuss what the pros and cons of free Twitter followers are and give you plenty of ideas to get more free Twitter followers.

The pros and cons of free Twitter followers

When you get serious about your Twitter account, the goal, of course, is to build as many interested followers as possible. There are several ways to do this; both paid and free. In this blog, we will only delve deeper into free Twitter followers, leaving the paid options out of the picture.

The word free kind of gives it away, but free followers means you don’t have to spend money to grow in followers. All it takes is time, patience and commitment.

The benefits of free followers:

  • You build a deeper connection with your followers.
  • The users who follow you are genuinely interested in your content.
  • You develop yourself socially through the hours you put into the platform.
  • You won’t lose any money should you decide to suspend the Twitter account.

The disadvantages of free followers:

  • It can take a long time for followers to see your account in the algorithm.
  • You have to spend a lot of time creating original content.
  • Without a good content strategy, it becomes difficult to grow and create higher engagement.

Which method (free or paid) looks best for your account depends on how much time and effort you want to put into it. There is no bad or good way, and you can of course choose to use both the free tactics described below and the paid options.

Tips for free Twitter followers

Although there is no secret formula for getting more free Twitter followers, there are really things you can do to make your account more visible and attractive. The tactics below will get you more engaged with your followers and attract new profiles faster. Which one are you putting in soon?

What are your goals?

A tip that won’t directly create free Twitter followers, but is very important!

Before you get started creating and posting content, it is important to write down your goal for this platform. Not only will this help you create a strong content strategy later, you can always look back on it when things get tough.

On an A4 sheet, describe the following things:

  • What audience do I want to reach with my content on Twitter?
  • Where do I ultimately want to send my followers (a website, other social media platform)?
  • What is my goal for Twitter? Do I want to generate more customer contact, make my target audience aware of my products, or connect with like-minded people to discuss relevant topics?
  • How much time will I spend weekly in my Twitter account?
  • Am I the only one who has access, or are there others who are also allowed to tweet, comment and access the inbox on the account?

By answering all these questions, you will more easily set goals for yourself regarding the platform, your content and numbers of followers.

Create a content strategy

As we mentioned above, having a good content strategy is an absolute must if you want to gain free Twitter followers. Our tip for this is to work with a content calendar that you set up once a month. In an Excel file, put the days and times you want to tweet, what type of tweet it is (think promotion, lifestyle, tips, engagement), what text/photo/video to accompany it and what 3 hashtags to add.

This way you make sure you keep a good balance in the type of content you post and users don’t get bored. By alternating with different types of tweets, you’ll soon see what your target audience finds most appealing and you can respond accordingly. In addition, this provides a good stick, all the content is actually already created, so all you have to do is post it.

Make sure your profile description is in order

How often we do come across Twitter accounts with poor (or even no) profile descriptions is truly shocking. Your profile description is very important, it should be easy for a user to see at a glance whether you are interesting or not. A good profile description consists of a short bio telling who you are and/or what you do, a profile picture and a cover photo that works attractively.

If you don’t do this, your account may be seen as untrustworthy. A reason for many users not to follow you.

The quality of your tweets

You should not start “tweeting for the sake of tweeting. Deliver quality content continuously and don’t post anything just to have an online presence.

To ensure that people follow you from interest, having high quality tweets is very important. Be critical of your spelling and, if necessary, have a friend or colleague proofread the tweets you create. This way, you can be sure that the message you want to get across is in line with the tweet. In doing so, make sure the links you put in the tweet are safe and easy to use, the last thing you want is whining about a bad website you name.

Provide original content

Ask yourself why users should follow your account over others. By coming up with and posting original content, you make users want to be the first to see and spread your tweets.

Some original content ideas for on Twitter:

  • Create an infographic
  • Give your story a face; have a co-worker, partner or colleague speak up
  • The term of the week; explain a difficult concept within your field of study
  • Use quotes to inspire your target audience
  • Share facts and trivia, preferably to a shocking effect

Use trending topics

Twitter places tweets that are about trending topics at the top of users’ timelines. Check this list daily (found under the search function) and consider whether you can make a connection between your interests and the trending topic. Keep in mind that it must remain relevant and informative to your target audience and niche. Going too far outside your box can result in fewer, rather than more, followers.

Ask questions and create polls

Polls and questions keep you in touch with your target audience. This connection stands out to other users and can be a good reason to follow. Additionally, once a follower responds to your tweet, it will also be shared with third parties. For this reason, accounts where tweets are commented on a lot are more likely to receive free Twitters followers faster.

You can create questions and/or polls about high-profile topics within your field, or simply ask your followers what they would like to see on your account. This is an easy way to gain more insight into the needs of your target audience.

In addition, respond to others’ tweets that are of interest to your target audience. This way, users who don’t know you yet can see that you are also skilled within the niche. A reason for them to click and perhaps even follow your account.

Schedule your tweets

Twitter itself considers it very important that an account be active and tweet consistently. We understand that you don’t think about tweeting on Twitter all day, yet this consistency is very important for growth. A good solution to this is to work with an online planner.

Several websites and software such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck work with Twitter. Using your pre-made content calendar, you can enter all photos, videos, text and hashtags at once, and the platform will then post the tweets for you itself. That way, while you are on vacation or sick, content will still be shared on your account. Super convenient!

Take advantage of your other channels

Do you use other social media channels besides Twitter? Then don’t share the exact same content on all platforms and make sure there is a reason for people to follow you everywhere. In addition to making the same content very boring for viewers, some types of content work better on one platform than another.

In addition, it is also good to clearly display your social media links on your website, in your digital newsletter and also on other office materials such as business cards.

Do you also want to know about paid opportunities to get more Twitter followers? We also recently wrote and other blog about growing in Twitter followers. Click here to get more ideas and learn more about Twitter!

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