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How to get your account verified

The question is: How can I verify my page, account or profile? And how do I get the blue badge?


fake profiles ariana grandeThe
blue badge
on an Instagram or Facebook page, who doesn’t know them? This badge indicates that a profile or page has been verified, and that the person or company behind it is actually the one. In fact, there are many fake profiles which first attract many followers and then are sold for big money. The checkmark on the page lets visitors know that it is the real celebrity. Here we show an example of Ariana Grande.

Now every company and somewhat well-known person wants to be in possession of a blue star or tick. After all, that exudes confidence to the audience, and can increase sales. But getting to it is not so easy. Verification seems to be reserved only for a very small fraction of users.



Who is the blue checkmark for?

facebook badgeThe blue checkmark is particularly intended for public figures, musicians, publicly traded companies and other celebrities. The average companies and individuals do not qualify currently. So you have to present a lot in the eyes of the social media giants before you get the “seal of approval.


Requesting the blue check mark on Facebook

facebook badge blueIt is not possible to apply to Facebook to get your page verified. To connect with Facebook at all seems almost impossible. FB decides who qualifies for such a beautiful blue badge and who does not. Previously, Facebook did have a link on its site where you could submit the application, but this track is now a dead end.


How to get a blue checkmark on instagram

instagram badgeFor Instagram, the same is true that you cannot apply for the badge yourself. So making a request is not going to get you anything. Instagram is part of Facebook, and here, too, the support department is equally bad.


What about Twitter?

twitter badge blueTwitter seems to be following the same procedure and not deviating from the other social media channels. Again, it is extremely difficult to “automatically” get a checkmark, or get in touch for an application at all . All they can report is that you have to be patient.


Buy Badge

buy badges twitter facebook instagramBeware of parties that say you can buy a Facebook verification badge. This scam makes them big money. Some charge $5000.00 to get it done for you! Buying a badge for Instagram or Twitter is not possible either! All some salespeople do is provide support in the influencing process, and you can do that yourself!



Influencing is possible though

There are ways to qualify for a verified profile sooner, though, i.e. a blue checkmark or star. The steps you can follow are below:


If you want a verification badge for Instagram, make sure your Facebook profile is linked. If your Facebook page does have a blue badge, chances are your Instagram profile will soon have one as well.


If you do not yet have a blue checkmark at all, and therefore do not have a verified profile, you can take other steps. Consider:

  • Your website mentioned on your social media profile
  • Entered contact information
  • Company location that matches with Google
  • Sufficient content
  • A Wikipedia page about you
  • A page on iTunes

These are all factors that Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter can verify.


Of course, what is always a requirement is to have a good portion of likes and followers. You’ve come to the right place again for that. When it comes to Facebook, you can buy Facebook likes for that, for example. For Instagram, you can purchase Instagram followers which provides real engagement. At least that way Instagram knows you are active which increases the chances that you too will soon be eligible for the badge.


In short, make sure you are findable in multiple places under the same name and photo. That increases the chances that you will be verified as well.

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