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LinkedIn company page: everything you need to know about it (including creation & costs)

With more than 6 million Dutch users, LinkedIn is the most popular business social media platform. That alone is reason enough for a company to get serious about LinkedIn. In this blog, learn more about creating a LinkedIn company page and everything that comes with it. So also more about managing page roles and LinkedIn company page costs.

Creating LinkedIn company page

Creating a LinkedIn company page involves quite a few things. Still, it is important that you pay serious attention to it. Wrong choices or negligence can cause your page to be less visible on the platform. And that’s a shame! Read through the following tips and apply them immediately when creating a professional LinkedIn page.

Start with a personal page

Many people panic when they cannot immediately create a business enterprise page on the platform. This is true, but there is no reason to panic! In fact, without a personal account on LinkedIn, you cannot create a LinkedIn company page.

So this is your starting point; create a personal account and set it up professionally. In fact, visitors from the company page may click through to your personal page, where it is helpful if it comes across as trustworthy and good.

Setting up your business page correctly

Now that you’ve created and categorized a personal account, you can finally create a LinkedIn company page. You do this by clicking on work in the upper left corner of a laptop or computer where you will see the option to create a company page.

After filling in the basic information on the LinkedIn company page such as the address, profile picture (often the logo is chosen here) and website link, there are more ways to spice up the page. For example, don’t forget the cover image, a horizontal photo that makes page visitors more aware of what kind of business you have. Or add a call-to-action button, where the customer can call your (from his or her mobile) company directly.

A handy tip from us: the recommended dimensions for your cover image are 1192 pixels wide by 220 pixels high.

Different industries LinkedIn

Business branches on LinkedIn (also called industries) make it easy for visitors to search by industries/niches. But that’s certainly not the only benefit, even with LinkedIn ads, this industry is very important in getting your content in front of the right audience.

Examples of different industries LinkedIn:

  • Marketing & advertising
  • Computer software
  • Financial Services
  • Human Research

Haven’t you set up an industry for your company yet? Then you can do this yourself by clicking edit in the introduction section of the page.

Use a strong introduction and hashtags

At the top of the page (below your profile picture) you have a special area where you can place an introductory text of 120 characters. Be sure to take advantage of these! For example, choose the company’s slogan or what different services you offer. This way, page visitors have a quicker image of the company.

Another thing that determines who gets to see your page are hashtags. Not only can you add some hashtags to posts themselves, you can also attach 3 hashtags to your profile. Here, choose hashtags that describe your services well and are interesting to your target audience.

Post different types of content

As a final tip, we give you that it is important to post many different types of content in the first period. This allows you to see what appeals most to your target audience and what you get the best (and most) responses to.

Some examples of different types of content on LinkedIn:

  • Images; for this, it is best to choose portrait images
  • Videos; for example, provide tips on a topic within your expertise
  • Colleague articles published on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn articles
  • Documents

As you can see, so much more is possible than just posting text. In doing so, LinkedIn tends to specifically push photos and videos extra in the algorithm, giving you a higher chance of increased visibility. So be sure to use this one!

Managing LinkedIn company page

Are you partnering with a social media manager or looking to transfer your LinkedIn company page? Then you can arrange this on your own personal account under the icon I and the heading manage. The Tools for Administrators heading will now appear at the top right, where you can then select page administrators.

Then you can choose between four different types of administrators, each with its own type of permissions. For example, you can specify that the administrator can only post content, or also have access to modify company data. See for yourself how well you know this person and what rights the person actually needs.

  • Senior administrator: determines the rights of page administrators, including adding and deleting any type of administrator, changing page information and deactivating the page.
  • Content administrator: has permission to create and post content, including promoting contributions and sharing events and job postings.
  • Curator: may create recommended content and can view and export page analysis.
  • Analyst: only has permission to track company page performance through analytics.

Note that you must be first-degree connection (friends) with the person you want to make page administrator. If you are not, you cannot invite that person to be a page administrator.

LinkedIn company page costs

Creating a LinkedIn company page is completely free! So you don’t have to invest any money to start using LinkedIn for business. In contrast, you can take advantage of LinkedIn Premium, an additional service the platform offers with useful tools you can use to expand your reach.

There are 4 LinkedIn premium subscription on LinkedIn :

  • ‘Essentials’ for €29 per month: for job seekers who want to find a suitable job faster.
  • ‘Business Pro’ for €51 per month: grow your network further.
  • ‘Sales navigator’ for €82 per month: to boost B2B sales.
  • ‘Recruiter Lite’ for €140 per month: to find talent and make it easier to hire.

Which LinkedIn premium subscription is right for your business depends on your goals. Each package offers different benefits and extras.

Delete LinkedIn company page

Deleting a LinkedIn company page is not something you can easily manage, which is why this question comes up regularly online. Nevertheless, it is important to many business owners that the page is closed, otherwise there may be confusion among page visitors and the owner may still be harassed in this way.

Only if there are less than 10 employees associated with the company page, it is possible for the senior page administrator to delete the LinkedIn company page. You do this by going to the relevant page and clicking on deactivate page under admin. After this, a pop-up will appear asking if you are sure you want to close the account. When you then click deactivate again, it’s done.

If you still don’t manage to delete your LinkedIn company page yourself, but you have less than 10 employees, you can also have this done through LinkedIn’s customer support. Indicate to them which page you want to delete and the reason for deletion, and you should be fine.

Frequently asked questions about LinkedIn company pages

What is a LinkedIn showcase page?

A LinkedIn showcase page is a page dedicated entirely to 1 specific service or product group within your company. Does your company deal with both B2C and B2B or completely different audiences? Then you can choose to create two different LinkedIn showcase pages. This way, the page visitor quickly finds the information he or she needs.

How many LinkedIn company pages can you create?

There is no limit to the number of LinkedIn company pages you can create. The only conditions are that the company must comply with the platform’s house rules and have a unique company email address.

I can’t manage to create a LinkedIn company page, now what?

Are you unable to create a page for your company even though you have created a personal LinkedIn profile? Creating a LinkedIn company page is possible only if you meet the following conditions:

  • Your personal LinkedIn profile must be at least 7 days old
  • You must possess a company email address
  • You must have a minimum of 5 connections on your personal profile
  • Your personal profile is incomplete (profile picture, work experience or verified email address is missing)

If you meet all these conditions but you still can’t create a LinkedIn company page then it is wise to send LinkedIn’s customer support a message. They will then look with you to see where things are going wrong.

(These questions with short answers are purely for high SEO in the article)

What are you waiting for? Start creating a LinkedIn business page right away and grow your online visibility! Want to know more about LinkedIn? Then check out this blog where we discuss how to effectively increase your number of followers on LinkedIn. And Try our secret tool today!

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