Getting More Facebook Likes

More Facebook likes

Getting more likes on Facebook really doesn’t have to be that complicated. All you need for this is a laptop, patience and some time. In this blog you will read how to get more likes on Facebook, focusing on a Facebook business page.

More likes on Facebook for free

In the tips below, we give you ideas on how to get more likes on Facebook for free. All you have to sacrifice for this is time and patience. After all, getting more likes on Facebook is all about the quality of content you post. Important here is that you set realistic goals for yourself, your Facebook business page will be hard to go viral and grow by thousands of likes overnight.

Post behind-the-scenes peeks

People absolutely love behind-the-scenes peeks inside your company. This makes them feel like they are getting to know the team and the company better, which grows the bond of trust. In doing so, liking the Facebook page now really adds something; they get to see fun content they would otherwise miss out on.

Some content ideas for this concept:

  • Share a photo from a first aid course day
  • Let it be known when a staff member has so many years of service
  • Show how packages are packed, or any other part of logistics

Tell stories instead of marketing slogans

A common mistake on Facebook; only marketing slogans and catchphrases are shared with photos, without adding any experience to the content. Storytelling is one of the most fundamental communication methods and works tremendously well on Facebook, so it’s a shame not to capitalize on it.

By telling a story with your photo or video, you ensure that you bring the reader into your vision and make them feel something. Very important if you want readers to come back to your Facebook page later. Thereby, a follower is more likely to share your content with others when it tells a great story.

Create a content calendar in advance

By creating a content calendar for Facebook once a month, you ensure that you’re posting enough different types of content that has been really well thought out. You won’t get more likes on Facebook if you just post ads. Also consider other types of content that will increase your engagement and inspire viewers.

You can easily create a content calendar yourself in Excel. On the side, you enter the dates you want to post, along with the type of content (lifestyle, product, engagement), the photo (or video name) and the caption to be placed above it. By doing this in one zipper sequence, you ensure that you get into a flow and are sure not to bore your viewers with the same content over and over again.

Schedule your posts

Scheduling your posts with the FREE Facebook scheduler ensures that you upload consistently on the Facebook business page. That way you have more time to spend with your followers and build a better relationship with them. By continuously working on this connection, they will be more willing to engage in word-of-mouth or even share the page.

In the process, consistent uploading ensures that the Facebook algorithm will rank you better and, therefore, you will appear higher among followers in the feed. The higher your post ranks with followers, the more likely it is to get a lot of responses (and thus spread the post back to third parties).

Study your Facebook statistics

Using your Facebook page statistics, you can see what content is working well or not. This makes it easy to see what is the best time to post content, which posts caused the most engagement and what were the best posts of the past period.

To get more likes on Facebook, interaction on your content is the single most important metric. Set new goals for yourself every month and keep improving and expanding your content until you achieve these goals.

Link to your business page in your personal profile

On your personal Facebook profile, you can enter an employer under the info heading. By tagging your business page here, curious people can be directed to the business page in this way. Thereby, this “info update” is also automatically shared with your friends. This is a simple way to get more likes on your Facebook business page.

Posts content related to a hotly debated topic

The Facebook algorithm puts posts on a hot topic at the top of your followers’ news feed. This is why you often see many similar posts from different friends passing by in your news feed. Facebook does this by labeling certain posts with a hot topic as “important,” thus ensuring that you stay on their platform longer.

Make smart use of this with your business page, hook into hot topics and link them (where possible) to your company or product.

Put the Facebook page in the signature of your email

Do you often email with clients or customers? Then it’s a small effort to include your Facebook business page in your signature. To create an eye-catching signature, several online tools can be found through Google, where you can have a signature with all your social media channels and personal information in it within minutes. Super convenient!

Use humor

The last useful tip for getting more likes on Facebook for free is by using humor. Humor often works well because visitors on the platform like to be entertained. By responding to events within your industry in a funny way, you are sure to grow in likes.

More likes on Facebook paid for

In addition to getting more likes on Facebook for free, there are certainly paid opportunities to grow your business page. In this blog, we will take a closer look at three of these options; Facebookadvertisement, wins and buying likes.


Facebook offers several types of ad opportunities in the Netherlands. So you can choose normal ads, as well as sponsored stories, search results and specifically one page post exposure. Which type of ad is right for you depends on your budget and your goals. If this is just to get more likes on Facebook, it is best to opt for page posts (page posts ads).

These page posts ads appear both on (mobile) news listings and on the side of Facebook pages in the desktop version. Here you can put 90 characters of text and a photo or video and link.

Organize win events

Raffle a fun prize among the people who like your Facebook! This does not even have to be a big prize, many people are already happy with a nice gadget, something sweet or something from your own range. The latter is, of course, preferable, as you will also be bringing your product to the attention of a new group of people.

Make a strikingly beautiful post with the word WINACTION written in big letters next to it, and put in the terms that the person has to like and share it in their stories. You should see how fast your likes will grow.

Handy tip from us: always clearly state the end date with your post as well, so people know when the winner will be announced and they won’t respond to the post after months.

More likes via likes-buying

Get more likes on your Facebook business page by buying likes! Did you know that many business pages use this trick to kickstart their page? After all, a page with few likes does not come across as very attractive or trustworthy. By buying likes through Likes-buying, you are dealing with high-quality likes that are indistinguishable from fake. Would you like to know more about this? Then click here and we’ll tell you a little more about it.

Frequently asked questions about Facebook likes

What is the difference between Facebook likes and Facebook followers?

If someone chooses to follow a page, they get a notification every time a new post is made. When someone likes your page, the posts show up in their news feed, but they don’t get specific notifications.

How do I get more likes on Facebook profile picture?

To get more likes on your Facebook profile picture, you will need to make sure you have a quality fun photo. This means it should be a sharp photo that fits well within the frame. Many companies opt for a corporate logo, but let’s face it, it’s not very inspiring or fun. Look beyond that and post a photo of the store or team.

So all in all, getting more likes on Facebook is very doable if you put in the time and energy. Are you getting serious about Facebook in the upcoming period? Then also read check out this blog where we show you the best way to promote your Facebook group. And try our secret way!

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