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Want to buy likes for a win? With us, it is possible in most cases. Which products you can order for this depends a bit on the win. Want to like buy for a reaction, then order the message likes. When doing so, clearly specify the link and the response. With the product itself, you can provide the link (url) of the post. In the notes field on the checkout page, you can specify the best notes. There you can specify exactly what response is involved. Please provide a clear description of your response here.

How much time do you have to win

Winning contests often involve time. Therefore, preferably communicate with us in advance what the possibilities are. Delivering Likes on a post or comment generally goes lightning fast. As an example, we can easily deliver 100 likes per hour. However, you must allow for the time we need to process your order. Usually this does happen very quickly.

Keep an eye on your competitors

Often you are not the only one who wants to win. In doing so, pay close attention to your competitors. Some competitors also buy likes. If someone else has purchased likes for the same win we will tell you honestly. In doing so, we do not tell you who it is. This way you will know if it makes sense to buy likes.

Win probability very high

Many customers who enter a contest and buy likes from us for this purpose actually win the grand prize. If you have a question about your chances or which products are best to order, send us an email. You can send these to info @ or by the contact form fill in. You will receive a reply from us as soon as possible.

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Starting your own win campaign

If you want to start your own win action, we also have several products for that to promote your action. The advantage of a win is that you can get a lot of new page likes and attention for your page.

Many self-started wins have the goal of more page likes. In doing so, you can inform the audience that you are raffling off a prize when x number of page likes is reached. If your action needs a push, you can easily buy Instagram likes from us.

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