Advertising on Facebook or just buying likes

Advertising on Facebook or buying likes, that is the question….

There are several ways to get Facebook likes. That way, you can have a win launch or run a Facebook campaign. Buying likes directly from us is also an option. Each way has its own advantages and disadvantages and you will read about them below.

More likes through a win campaign

sample-win action-facebook-that-doesn't-mayFacebook has strict rules when it comes to winning contests. If you violate the rules, your page may be removed without warning. Things you
shouldn’t do


  1. Asking to share the post…
  2. Tagging yourself in this photo….
  3. Tag at least x number of friends in this photo….
  4. Promotion of the win must not take place on your personal timeline
  5. Action may not be sponsored through a Facebook campaign


►As you can see in the example to the right, this person is at risk.

In a win, you must follow the legal rules. As an example, the value of the prize package should be made clear. If the value exceeds 449.00 euros, then gaming tax must be paid.



advertise on facebook campaignMore likes through a Facebook campaign – (advertising on Facebook)

In fact, through Facebook itself, you can also buy likes. In doing so, you can set a specific target audience and the daily budget. That way, you have good control over costs. However, what you don’t know in advance is how many likes you are going to get and how much the likes will cost you. In practice, it happens that people outside the set target audience also like your page. One person’s campaign brings in 50 likes for 10 euros and another’s 5 likes. There are lots of factors involved.



Buy Facebook likes with us

dutch-facebook-likes-buyingOne thing is certain. With us, you know in advance exactly what the likes will cost you. If you order 100, you get 100. Moreover, you will always be cheaper than with Facebook itself. In addition to
Dutch Facebook likes
we also have likes from other countries. International is the cheapest. This is because people abroad want to like your page for a lower price. Unfortunately, specifying a specific target audience at our likes is not possible. With our Dutch likes, though, it’s often the case that you get a big reach within the Netherlands. This is because our Dutch likers use their real own profiles and also have a real network with real people. This increases your reach.

Conclusion: Advertising on Facebook can be useful when you want to target a specific audience. If you are mainly interested in likes and reach, then instead of advertising on Facebook, it is better to just buy likes.

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