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If you’re considering starting Twitter or have just created an account, it’s helpful that you do know what to look out for. Tweets, settings, paid opportunities, there’s plenty coming at you at once. In this blog you will read useful tips on how to get more followers on Twitter, both paid and free.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to share short messages of up to 280 characters) with the rest of the Internet. These short messages are also called tweets. Posting on Twitter is fairly straightforward, with content focusing primarily on text. On the other hand, don’t let this stop you from using the other features within your tweets, such as gifs, links, photo, video and polls.

On the platform you will find both many personal and business accounts and you will come across profiles with a blue checkmark. This blue check mark means that the page in question has been verified, that is, you are actually talking to that company or person.

Benefits of a Twitter account

When you want to share short updates about your business or life with the rest of the world, Twitter is the right platform. Comparing the platform to others social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, Twitter has the following advantages:

  • The platform is easily searchable for users which makes them find your page faster.
  • You post and see real-time updates from others
  • It is an ideal platform for discussions, customer service and feedback
  • Easy to handle and quick to set up

Many international companies already use Twitter to communicate quickly with their customers. In doing so, they increase their engagement and are even more visible online. Many people share their opinions through the Twitter platform, as a company the trick is to respond to this tweet as quickly (and as nicely) as possible. That way you can quickly satisfy angry customers and thank good feedback.

More followers on Twitter for free

Would you like to gain more followers on Twitter? Then there are lots of different ways to do this. In this blog we distinguish between free ways and paid ways, so that you get a good overview of everything the platform has to offer.

Spamming will backfire

If something doesn’t work on Twitter, it’s spamming tweets asking users to follow you. No one is waiting for the same tweet every 10 minutes. First of all, this tweet brings no information (and thus is not interesting) and secondly, it is irritating at best.

It is better to post an informative or entertaining tweet several times a day (assume between 4 and 6 times) that makes users think. Make sure your account adds value to the platform and is interesting for your target audience to follow.

Use hashtags

Tweets with hashtags have much more reach than tweets without hashtags. Place 3 relevant hashtags to your tweet, niche or target audience at the bottom of the text. Users often look up useful information using these hashtags. Therefore, when you use the same hashtags as your target audience, they will find your account faster.

Tweet about relevant topics

Twitter is a social media platform primarily used for looking up news and updates. If you only come up with commercials or marketing slogans, your account will soon be passed over. Create relevant and informative content that appeals to your target audience and addresses the latest news within your industry. In this way, you put yourself forward as an expert.

Make sure your account is set up properly

When a user first arrives on your Twitter page, it should be clear within 10 seconds what kind of account the user is dealing with. You do this by setting a clear profile picture, writing a strong bio (who are you and what do you do), adding a location to your page and possibly adding a link to a website.

In addition, it is also smart to pin a tweet to the top of your page. When doing so, choose a tweet that has received many comments or likes, so you can be sure it is interesting to your target audience. When a user on your page sees this nice tweet first, the first impression is good right away. Alternate this tweet every so often so that the content is still relevant enough.

Encourage retweeting

Make sure you arrange your tweets so that users want to retweet it. You can do this by putting a sentence at the end stating “retweet the tweet when you agree about X.” Or make sure your text is extra funny, causing users to retweet the tweet of their own accord.

Retweeting ensures that your tweet reaches third parties, increasing your reach and making it more likely that a new user will follow you. On the other hand, don’t be pushy and don’t mention it in every tweet you post; this can come across as spam to users.

Create a nice balance between followers and following

Where many Twitter accounts go wrong is that they only follow 0 people. For many users, this is one of the reasons why they ignore your account. Not only does it not come across as professional, it exudes disinterest.

Of course, this does not mean that you should immediately follow every follower back. But be sure to make sure to follow partners, collaborators or other experts in your niche. In this way, you are also giving the Twitter algorithm a helping hand.

Claim your expertise

Share lots of tips and tricks within your field to ensure that users see you as an expert within the industry. Twitter users like to be kept up to date with the latest news and are always looking for informative accounts that give them a hand in their professional development.

More followers on Twitter paid for

Besides getting more followers by putting effort and time into your account, there are also some paid options on how to get more followers on Twitter. We have chosen to present to you the four most popular ways; paid tweets, promotional accounts, giveaways and buying followers.

Paid tweets

In addition to free tweets, you can choose to post a featured tweet. This highlighted paid tweet looks the same to users as a classic tweet, but thus appears on the news feed of a whole new group of users. The nice thing about this option is that it doesn’t have to stand out as “advertising” and it comes across more naturally.

Promotional accounts

If you don’t want one tweet to go viral so much as make sure more people see your account, you can opt for an account promotion. This paid feature makes your account appear in the “who to follow” section of Twitter and allows for rapid reach building.

In this feature, you write in brief why people should follow your account and can end with a strong call-to-action. This way, you get the most out of the ad.


One way that is used a lot on Facebook, but is also great to use on Twitter, are contests. In a win, you raffle off an item, product or service among your followers. All users have to do to participate in your win is follow and retweet. As a result, you will see your followers take off like a rocket.

All you need to do to host a win is make sure you write an eye-catching tweet (preferably with an image) describing the prize, terms and conditions, and end date. After the end date, you can choose one or more winner(s).

Helpful tip from us: when you have a business profile, it’s best to choose a product or service related to your business. This way you will (hopefully) get another free great review!

More followers twitter – buy via Likes-buy

Have little patience or time, but want more followers on Twitter? Then you can choose to buy followers through In doing so, you don’t have to put effort into growing followers, which in turn allows you to put more time into creating good content. Packages start from as little as 25 followers and go up to as many as 25,000 followers, allowing you to decide what amount suits your account.

The great thing about Likes-buying is that we only work with quality followers that are indistinguishable from fake. In doing so, you have a 90-day guarantee on your fake followers. Not satisfied? Then we will arrange a good solution with you.

Did you find this explanation super helpful and want more helpful tips on how to get more followers on Twitter for free? Then be sure to read this blog, where we tell you more than 8 ways to grow your Twitter account for FREE. Truly a must-read when you want to get started with your Twitter reach.

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