social media trivia

10 Useful facts about social media!

social media trivia

Social media is all around you. To know exactly what to look out for and how best to use social media, here are 10 social media facts or tips.
If you are not yet an expert on social media, here are 10 valuable social media tips for you that are sure to make your social media channels successful.


Tip 1: The different channels to reach your target audience

We often don’t think about which social media channel we can best use to achieve our goal. For example, on Twitter you can only post a short text and often reach few people. With Facebook you often reach many more people and you can easily upload your images and videos with a description attached! The more often you post messages the more people will see your message. You also have an option for Facebook to set up a business page. With this fan page, you often reach many more people than with a private profile. Facebook is one of the best social media platforms you can use for social media marketing.


Tip #2: What is the ideal time to post a photo?

When you put your post online depends on the social media channel you use. Generally, the lunch hour is considered the most popular time to check your social media, but people often sit and check their socialmedia in the evenings as well, so take advantage of this!


Tip #3: Use social media as a search engine.

You no longer have to go all over the Internet looking for reviews. Nowadays, everyone just posts their opinions on Facebook or Instagram and you can easily find them. Simple!
Facebook is increasingly seen as a search engine, are you looking for a hairdresser near you? Then you have the option of typing “hairdresser eindhoven” into Facebook’s search bar and you will get a series of results. The advantage of this is that you can immediately look at photos, reviews, news updates etc….


Tip 4: Clearly show what kind of business you run

Put the right things online that you want to emphasize with your business. Show your best side and write about developments and any progress you make. Show why you are a success and what customers should come to you for. Never forget to fill in all the general info! Think: location, opening hours, phone number etc….


Tip 5: The best way to reach people is through writing

We have so many opportunities to share these days. Photos, videos, and hundreds of filters we can use with them. However, research has shown that written content ultimately reaches the most people. So a fun , funny or motivational caption under your Instagram photo is definitely valuable! Following written content is the posting of videos, photos and sound recordings.


Tip #6: Photos create more comments and interaction


It is so simple. Place a short and powerful description with your photo to ensure you get more response, both Facebook and Instagram allow for this. When you post a picture, people see at a glance what you want to say and they will naturally start reading the text after this. Photos create more interaction! Instagram also allows you to use hashtags. If you use good hashtags, you also become findable faster. This in turn increases the chances of more likes.

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Tip 7: Everyone has an opinion

Of course you have freedom of speech and you can put your opinion online, nothing wrong with that. Keep in mind, though, that this applies to everyone and there is a good chance that people will also start giving back their opinions. If you get a bad review, always try to respond to it respectfully and understandingly. When you respond back angrily, it radiates the wrong image to other people.


Tip 8: Share ideas with othersIdea

Have you lost track for a while and don’t know how to proceed? Ask advice from your followers and they will help you get back on track. By sharing ideas with each other, you help each other move forward.


Tip 9: With many followers, you can lose your way

In fact, we often look for individuals who follow thousand(s) of people because they are fairly easy to recruit. Yet this does not necessarily give the best results. The very people with fewer followers respond most often. They still have a good overview of their timeline.


Tip 10: Dare to post

If you don’t post anything, you certainly won’t be seen. Show people that you are committed to your social media and do your best for a nice post. Your followers will surely appreciate this and the likes and comments will follow! It is advisable to post at a set time every day, for example. That’s how your


when they can expect a new photo.


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