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Order now and receive 6-280 Star Points (VIP members get more)
Order now and receive 6-280 Star Points (VIP members get more)
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Buying Facebook video views is against Facebook’s guidelines. This service is at your own risk.

Buying views for your Facebook video

Get your Facebook Video viewed more often! Isn’t it a shame when you’ve put so much effort into a beautiful video, and it only gets a few views? Fortunately, you can easily do something about that! In fact, you can buy viewers for your Facebook video!

Are you someone who regularly posts videos on your facebook profile but don’t have that many viewers yet? Then this product is ideal for you! Order this product and receive video views quickly and securely!


Buy Facebook video views

Did you know that your video can go viral when it has been viewed often? Buying Facebook views is easy and fast. We bring attention to the video (worldwide) which will increase your counter substantially.




Characteristics of Facebook video views

  • Fast and safe
  • From 500 views of your video
  • Delivery within 24 hours for 500-2500 pieces
  • Views only (3s viewing time)

Who is watching my video?

We provide international video views. So this means that people from different countries watch your video. Your fb friends can’t see who watched your video! They can only see how many times it has been viewed.

If I order the views, how soon will they arrive?

This depends a bit on the number ordered.
1000 views have a 24h delivery time (exceptional weekend).
5000 views will take +/- 48 hours and 10,000 will be delivered within +/- 72h.

Is it reliable and do I get a warranty?

For your Facebook videos work only with systems that are secure!
In addition, we also guarantee the number of video views ordered.

Facebook promotion

Want to buy more than just video views?
Do you also like to have comments, shares and likes included?
You can! We sell all kinds of products for Facebook!
Make your video popular by getting it shared, liked!

How do I get the link?

On TABLET or PHONE you can click on the three dots and choose copy link. In the order field, hold down the appropriate box and paste the link. Then you choose the number of views and checkout the product. Business purchases? With us, you will receive an invoice!

On PC, right click on the date/time to copy the link. You then paste this into the field where the url is requested.

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