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Order now and receive 6-100 Star Points (VIP members get more)
Order now and receive 6-100 Star Points (VIP members get more)
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Facebook post sharing

Would you like your facebook post to be seen by multiple people? With the products you see below, it is possible! We can get your message shared easily and quickly.

Have message shared on Facebook

We can have your post shared on Facebook! How? All we need from you is the link/url of your post! Choose the quantity and checkout your product. We are then going to make sure that the counter indicating ‘number of times shared’ will rise quickly!

facebook message-sharing-25


How do I get the link or url?

You can get the link or url of your post in several ways.

►On the PC, click on the date/time of your post and copy the new url from the address bar. You can also right-click on the date/time and then choose copy link.

►On MOBILE click on the 3 dots you see near the message. Then click for copy link. In our order form, hold down the box and then choose paste.

Who is going to share my message?

The people who are going to share your message are international.
So do you have an international business? Then this can be ideal, when your message is shared it reflects a compelling image!
The 25 shares will be realized within 24h, with a larger number it may take a little longer.
This product is for business facebook pages only.

NOTE: Make sure your page is public for all to see.


Why should I buy Facebook shares?

Some people hold a win contest on Facebook and then the idea is for people to share the post as much as possible. When they see that the message has only been shared 0 times, few people will take the first step to start sharing it.
We can make sure multiple people will share your post!

In addition, it gives a convincing picture. When someone’s post is frequently shared then it seems that the post has gone viral.

Everyone can have their own reason for ordering this product! It is suitable for any Facebook user.


Which people are going to share my post?

The Facebook shares are international , so there will be all kinds of different people sharing the post.


Does it stand out when I buy Facebook shares?

Buying Facebook shares doesn’t necessarily have to stand out. Few people are going to look at who all shared the message. Of course there will be a few who will, but the chances are slim. Almost everyone is just looking at the number these days.

Just make sure your post has more likes that shares. Otherwise, it does not come across as credible. We also sell Facebook likes, be sure to take a look.


Product features

  • Intended for only 1 Facebook post. Distribution over multiple posts is not possible.
  • Posts are only shared and not liked. You can buy likes for that from us.
  • Sharing is done by international Facebook users
  • Ideal for a more credible appearance
  • Delivery normally within 24 hours for 25x.


Make sure your profile/message is public

While providing our services, your profile must be temporarily public. Compare whether your profile has the same settings as the image shown below. If your profile is not fully public then we cannot provide all likes or shares.

facebook settings



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