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Making Facebook event popular

Do you have a Facebook Event on your page and want to make this Facebook event popular ? Then order this service!
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Making Facebook event popular

Yes we can make your Facebook event popular! We can make it look like there will be a lot of people attending your party.
How we do this? We use our own system. Our system is 100% secure so no worries!

Imagine this:
someone invites you to a party. You go to the Facebook page and see that only 100 people are going and only 40 are interested….
Would you go to that party then? Or would you go to a party attended by 1,000 people? Sounds much cozier right!

Lots of people order this product from us, think: clubs, yoga events, a gatherings etc…. However, these people all have a private profile and start a private event. If you want to start a business event, unfortunately we cannot help you. We only sell to consumers.

Do you already have many people “going” but would also like to have more people interested? You can! We also sell this product.
Don’t hesitate any longer and boost your fb event. Buy this product and we will do the rest 😉

✅receive an invoice immediately

✅we offer the best customer service

Choose a number

By default, the service is set to 25x “go” for 9.95 Euros. If you want to order a different number, choose 50x, 100x, 200x, 500x or 1000x.

As an example, if you order 100x go then 100 different logged-in Facebook users will come to your page to click “go. This immediately makes your Facebook Event a lot more popular! When one sheep crosses the dam more will follow….


Ordering the Facebook Event GAAN is done with this service. The GAAN counter will increase with the number ordered!

Nationalities: Facebook users are worldwide. There are no Dutchmen among these.

Speed: If you order 100 as an example, they will come in 1x. Do you want to spread the word? Then order the service multiple times in smaller quantities.

Delivery time: Delivery in most cases within 24 hours

Price: The price after the number is the additional price. This amount is in addition to the 9.95 Euro.

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