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Comments on your YouTube video are a must-have!

Here you buy custom responses written by us. All you have to do is enter your video and in a sentence a description of the responses you want to receive.

Type of YouTube responses: Door ons geschreven 📄
Order now and receive 70-2450 Star Points (VIP members get more)
Order now and receive 70-2450 Star Points (VIP members get more)
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Just be aware that YouTube does not approve of you buying comments. Ordering is at your own risk.

Comments increase interaction and make your video more findable. Besides, your video looks a lot more convincing.

How do the “Written by Us” comments work?

With this product, you have several options. So you can choose the number of custom comments for Youtube, let us determine what will appear in the comments. We can come up with them for you in Dutch (NLD), English (ENG), or a combination. We watch the video and then try to make a good connection in terms of responses.

All you have to do is indicate in a sentence what you want the comments to be about (or just leave them blank and we’ll watch the video).

Product details:

Delivery time +/-24 hours

Timeframe: responses are delivered in immediate succession

Foreign (English-speaking) profiles posting the specified comments

Relevance: 100%

Choose from 5 responses, 10 and 20. If 20 is not enough you can order the product more often.

TIP: Combine this product with our Youtube views.and Youtube likes! This will get your video found and displayed faster in search results.

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