Scammed into buying Instagram likes (or followers)

Beware! There are scammers operating! Have you been scammed into buying instagram likes? You are unfortunately not the only one because we often get told this, “I bought instagram likes from another site and got nothing”. People ask us if we really deliver. Rest assured, we really do deliver instagram likes or other products!

Since we often hear that people get nothing delivered at other online stores/shops, we started inquiring which sites they ordered from. We are not going to name names here now, but we will mention the characteristics that correspond in each case. In many cases, naming names does not even make sense because the shops are out of business again within a few weeks.

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Beware of these sites

The sites our clients have mentioned are at the top of Google with an ad. So these are sites that pay Google to become visible.

They have no reputation and you find little about them in Google because as soon as they have made many victims they change the name of the website again and start over. So you’ll see new names popping up regularly.

Another characteristic is that they cannot be reached. You can’t call or email them. Sometimes there is a contact form or email but when you send them a message you don’t hear from them. One of our clients did get in touch. They first went to see if the site was reliable. After they got response they ordered but never got the product delivered. Then they got no contact and a week later the site no longer existed. Scammed, in other words.

Furthermore, the sites look slick and you enter the instagram profile or the link of the instagram photo. According to the description, you will receive the ordered product within a few hours or within 24 hours. Should it really work, at least you know there are no humans involved and everything is done through robots. There is no aftercare or quality.

The features at a glance

  • Site is at the top of Google via an ad
  • Only one email address or contact form available
  • You won’t get a response via mail or contact form
  • If you do get contact then it is to bring in a sale
  • In case of problems, you won’t get back in touch
  • Address or company information missing
  • Few bad reviews can be found. If there are too many bad reviews, they disappear again and try again with a new name.
  • The prices are very low and attractive. Even though the prices are low, many low amounts added together is also a lot of money!
  • They promise to deliver within hours. If their service were real and would work, you know anyway that there is no human being involved, because most people sleep at night.

Nothing delivered, money gone. What can you do?

If you don’t get a product delivered, and you don’t get contact, you’ll lose your money. What can you do when this happens to you? Usually you pay via IDeal. You can find out which payment providers do IDeal payments and contact them and report your complaint. Mollie is a well-known payment provider. This is because the payment provider does have details of the company and can prevent the company that is victimizing and scamming people from getting an account to make more victims. You can also if it is a .NL domain name find out the company through

Were you able to gather information? Beautiful! Then file a police report.

Again for clarity

We don’t scam people, but there are instagram likes sellers or followers sellers who unfortunately do and sully the market. Instagram is hot and a lot of crooks are capitalizing on that. We deal with people who have lost their money because they contact us asking whether or not we are trustworthy. The fact that you can reach us well proves enough. For those still in doubt … feel free to test it out for yourself! And do so especially with small numbers. You can buy Instagram followers as low as €1.49.

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