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Make sure your profile is fully public and the like button is not missing!

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Order now and receive 7-330 Star Points (VIP members get more)
Order now and receive 7-330 Star Points (VIP members get more)
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Artificial activity violates Facebook’s terms of use. Buying Facebook message likes is at your own risk.

Buy Facebook post likes for your Facebook post

Why buy facebook message likes? Buying likes for your facebook post can provide a boost in the number of likes on your post. This will make your post look more popular, which in turn will attract new likes. A chain reaction you could call it.

With Facebook post likes from Likes-buying you give your facebook post a boost.

Where do you get the link from?

In order for your post to be liked, we need a url / link. The link should be from your post itself and not from your profile.

How did you get your message link?

►PC: Clicking on the date or time of your message (post) will take you to a new page showing only your message. There you can copy the url from the address bar at the top. You then paste this into the order form.

►Mobile: There are 3 dots next to your message. If you click on that, you can choose Copy Link. You then paste this into the order form on our site.


Emoticon Facebook likes

Want to have a different variate facebook like? Then choose from more types of facebook likes. After all, you can also buy facebook message likes for:

Click on the link above to select your favorite facebook post likes.


Features of this product

  • Liking is done by Global Facebook users (are not NL among them).
  • You cannot divide this service across multiple posts. Order by message.
  • Posts are only liked, not shared.
  • Ideal for a more credible appearance.
  • Delivery usually within a few hours.
  • Can also be used for a win action.


REMEMBER that your profile and post is public

While providing our services, your profile and message do need to be temporarily public. If you have adjusted privacy settings, then not everyone may see the LIKE button. In that case, they can’t like your post either. So check these Facebook settings to make your post public. Don’t worry, we always check if your post is public and can be liked. We are not robots unlike other companies. With us, it is handwork.

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