About us – Is Likes-kopen.co.uk trustworthy?

Likes-kopen.com was founded in 2014 by Merweb and has been providing the best services for social media platforms ever since. The goal was to provide social media users with good and quick ways to increase online exposure.

Initially, Likes-kopen.co.uk focused on increasing the number of likes on Facebook, hence the name Likes-kopen. From the marketing world, there appeared to be a need to grow Facebook pages quickly. This was later joined by likes for Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and, in 2020, TikTok.

Soon this proved to be a success and demand for other services on social media was high. Thus, services such as views, followers, comments and more were gradually added.

In early 2021, Likes-kopen.co.uk was acquired by Huge Upward LTD, another company in the social media world. This combined the good of both worlds and expanded the range of services even further.

Is Likes-kopen.com reliable?

We are proud to say that Likes-kopen.com has been around for almost 10 years. This indicates that the website is trustworthy and that we are not a “fly-by” company that quickly dismantles its tents again. These years of experience also allow us to test products and systems extensively, giving you the best quality services at your disposal, from likes, to views to followers and much more.

In addition, Likes-kopen.nl is affiliated with and a certified member of Webshop Keurmerk. This means that this site complies with the Webshop Keurmerk code. In addition, we apply the general terms and conditions as prescribed by Stichting Webshop Keurmerk. And for disputes, you can always visit the Webshop Keurmerk website.

All of us at Likes-kopen.com work with enthusiastic people. And here we are proud to show this. You can always approach one of us personally.

Marek van Beek Likes-kopen

Marek van Beek

Allard Driesenaar Likes-kopen

Allard Driesenaar

Maria Radings Likes-kopen

Maria Radings

What kind of services does Likes-kopen.co.uk offer?

At Likes-kopen.com, you can boost anything for the social media platforms listed below. From likes, to views. From followers, to comments (reactions). Anything not listed? Then you can always contact us for a special request.

For the following platforms, you can boost your social media:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • X (Twitter)
  • Threads
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Telegram
  • Discord
  • Twitch
  • Spotify
  • SoundCloud
  • Mixcloud

Core USPs

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Our Vision

As a company, we want to provide the best possible social media services. We believe we can achieve this goal only if we put our customers first. From that perspective, we are always looking for feedback and improvement. We don’t run away from negative feedback, because that too is feedback for us. If you are not satisfied with something, we are only too happy to hear about it.

Our Mission

A mission statement is meant to measure how well we execute our vision. We believe that feedback is important in this, but that it is difficult to measure. Therefore, we believe that our success in the marketplace determines how well we execute our vision. Because of this, we have made it our mission to be the #1 in the Benelux. You can only be the #1 by consistently delivering quality. We are therefore proud to say that we are the #1 provider in the Benelux.

Company data

Want to know more about the company behind Likes-kopen.co.uk? Below are the details:

Company name: Huge Upward LTD
Address: Wenlock Rd 20-22, N1 7GU
Location: London
Country: United Kingdom
Registration number: 12360848 (CoC)

Contact Likes-kopen.com?

You can reach us by phone at
+31 85 06 06 818
. You can also contact us via email at

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