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Buy TikTok views? With us, you can just do that! 100% risk-free it is not because it violates Tiktok’s guidelines.


Why buy TikTok views (spread out)?

Buying Tiktok views ensures that your video is seen and viewed more often. Likes from our views you won’t get, but from other people possibly you will.

This is because when your Tiktok video has a lot of views, it is found a lot faster.

By being more findable, you attract more attention, and in that way you naturally attract more likes and followers (followers) as well, and that is not on 1 photo but on your entire channel. So plays can have a positive contribution!

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What does spread out mean?

By default, our views are delivered almost immediately. For larger numbers, this can sometimes be annoying. If you prefer to receive your views over a longer period of time on your video, choose staggered views. You specify the time, we do the rest. Please note that we enter these orders manually. So that means that sometimes the startup may take a little longer when we are unable to process your order.

The optional likes that you can choose will NOT be shipped spread out.

How to order

To deliver the TikTok views on your video, we need to know which video it is. To do this, we need the link (url). Using the Tiktok app, you can copy the link (share link), and paste it into our order form.

  1. Go to the TikTok app and click on the icon of your profile in the lower right corner
  2. Click on the video you want the views on
  3. On the right side you see three dots and you have to click on them
  4. Now choose the “copy link” option which you will see under SHARE OP

Now that the link has been copied you just need to pass it on to us. You can do this by holding down the LINK box on the order field and choosing paste.


Features of views for Tik Tok

  • Delivery time during office hours +/- 1 hour
  • 100% safe for your account
  • Intended for only 1 video
  • Distribution over multiple videos not possible, then you have to order separately.
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