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Order now and receive 3-760 Star Points (VIP members get more)
Order now and receive 3-760 Star Points (VIP members get more)
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There is a risk in buying Instagram impressions because it is against Instagram’s guidelines.

Impressions on Instagram

Getting impressions is tricky but of great value. When your video has 7600 impressions, it obviously looks better than 2600. Your popularity grows and in addition, it also has a positive effect for your image. You can have so many followers but because of the changed algorithm on Instagram, you don’t reach all of them. To establish a good image, your photos and videos should be in 1 line with the amount of followers. With impression growth, you can get the right amount of impressions cheaply and quickly. We have different quantities in impressions.


How do I get the Instagram link?

Via mobile or tablet: Open the Instagram app on your phone and scroll through your profile until you find the video you want to receive impressions for. Click on that video. Above the video you will see your Instagram name and to the right of it are three dots. You click those dots. Then you choose to share. Once you tap that, you’ll see “copy link. This one you click on. The link is now copied and you can paste it into the box on this page. To do this, use the right-click “paste” or the Ctrl “v” keys.

Via computer: Go to your Instagram account and click on the video you want to receive impressions for. If you clicked on it, the video will appear slightly enlarged. Then you will see a white bar at the top of the screen with a URL text. Copy and paste this text into the appropriate box on this page.


Delivery time of Instagram impressions

Once you have placed your order, it arrives at our facility. We will start your order as soon as possible. When we are processing your order, it can be arranged super fast. Within +-1 hour you will have the impressions in on the video you gave us.


Making video popular on insta

Easily make your post on Instagram popular? Then choose to buy Instagram impressions. We make sure your post gets many more impressions.
This will make your post look more convincing and more likely to be viewed by itself. Also need likes? Check out the Instagram likes

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