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Do you have a Facebook Event scheduled on your page and want to add interested parties to it? Then order this product!

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Promote Facebook event

We can promote a private Facebook event for you! (we only sell to consumers)
Using our proprietary system, we can make sure your “interested” counter goes up.
The benefit of this is that your event will seem a lot more popular. When people see that many people are already on “interested” they will soon be curious and become interested as well.

A facebook event that only 5 people go to and only 1 person interested will not be a success. That’s why we offer the ideal solution!

Choose a number

The price of 9.95 euros is for 25 interested persons. Other numbers are of course also possible. With us, you can choose from 50x, 100x, 200x, 500x or 1000x.

As an example, if you order 200x then 200 different logged-in Facebook users will come to your page to click “interested. This immediately makes your Facebook Event a lot more popular! When one sheep crosses the dam more will follow….

Ordering the Facebook Event GEÏNTERESSEERD is done with this service. The interest counter will quickly increase with the number purchased!

Nationalities: Facebook users come from all over the world. Unfortunately, there are no Dutchmen among them.

Speed: If you order 50 as an example, they will all come in 1x (i.e. on 1 day). Do you want to distribute the delivery? Then buy this service in a smaller number.

Delivery Time: Delivery time usually within 24 hours. (4-6-2019: Currently, delivery time for this product is 4-7 days.)

Price: There is an additional price after the number. The 25 pieces cost 9.95. 50 pieces cost an additional 1.00 euros, etc.

Need promotion? Then be sure to order this product!

More Facebook products

In addition to this product, we have many more for Facebook.
Think: posts likes, comments and much more…!

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✅Mails are answered within 24 hours (weekend exception)

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