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Order now and receive 3-230 Star Points (VIP members get more)
Order now and receive 3-230 Star Points (VIP members get more)
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Buy Twitter likes for your Tweets on your Twitter profile is done at Likes-kopen.

Note that according to Twitter guidelines, you are not allowed to put artificial likes on your post. Purchase is at your own risk. Twitter can delete your purchased likes. Fortunately, you can always use the refill guarantee for 90 days.

Message likes

Want to get your Tweet liked? Then you can arrange it here yourself easily and quickly. Getting more likes on your posts also makes them more likely to be found through search. Then don’t forget to add good hashtags to your posts, because hashtags make your post even more valuable!

Make a Tweet stand out more by favoriting it. This makes your Tweet attract more attention among other posts.

Buying Twitter Likes for your Tweet on Twitter

Do you have a post on Twitter that you want to make stand out and get some attention? In that case, you can buy Twitter likes! Buying Twitter likes will give your tweet an extra boost. This makes it look much more popular overnight.

Is buying Twitter likes reliable to do?

We are regularly asked whether it is safe and not punishable to buy Twitter likes. Fortunately, you can buy Twitter likes with confidence because it is completely legal.

As mentioned above, Twitter does not like you to influence your profile through third parties. After all, they would rather you take advantage of their (far too expensive) advertising capabilities. After all, that is what they earn on. If you buy Twitter likes here, Twitter earns nothing.

The 8 years of experience Likes-buying has in providing social media services shows that buying Twitter likes is completely reliable.

How to pass on the Tweet URL?

To get your Tweet liked on Twitter, we need the url of the message. The url, or link, is linked to the date of the post.

On the PC, right-click on the date and then choose copy link. Then paste it into our order form.

Through the APP, you can hold down the date, or click the down arrow, to copy the link.

You then enter this link above.

How soon will I receive the Twitter likes?

The Twitter likes are usually up within a few minutes. Recently, the system was upgraded, so Twitter likes now look like they will be on your tweets within an hour.

Can I buy Twitter likes cheaply?

You can choose how many likes you want on your tweets. As a result, you control how cheap it becomes. You can buy Twitter likes from as little as €2.95 for 100 likes. This is comparatively super cheap if you had to approach 100 people one by one to ask them to like your tweet.

As a rule, the larger the package of Twitter likes you buy, the lower the price per like. So if you order more, you pay less per like. Note that you always place an order for a single tweet. If you want to boost multiple tweets, put Twitter likes in the cart for each tweet.

Buy Twitter likes now and pay with Credit Card

All major payment methods are available. You can buy your Twitter likes with iDeal, Credit Card, KBC/CBC, Sofort, Belfius and Cryptocurrency. This makes buying Twitter likes completely reliable.

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