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Youtube – Comments and children do not mix

Youtube recently launched a new update. In doing so, they want to make a safer viewing environment for children. Comments made on videos are sometimes shocking, hateful, racist or sexual. Of course, as a channel owner, you can delete comments, but not everyone is on top of that. Youtube has come up with a solution to this. By indicating for each video whether your video is appropriate for children, responses will be visible or not. Specifically, if you indicate that the video is appropriate for children, i.e., persons under 18, the comments will automatically be disabled. That way, children are not exposed to the comments.

Comments are disabled for children

When you upload a video to Youtube, you are given the option to indicate whether the video is suitable for children.
If you say YES, then comments will be disabled for that video. Children are thus protected from abusive language.
Many people actually do want reactions to their videos because it is a ranking factor. That is, comments cause your video to be found better on Youtube because there is “engagement.

comments disabled youtube video

All comments are gone

Now you can specify per video that it is not suitable for children, but you can also set it this way for all your videos.
If you were to accidentally do this then all your comments on all videos will disappear.
No one can then respond because from then on a message is shown : “responses are disabled”.

Story has 2 sides

Now children (under 18 years old) cannot watch your video when the age limit is set. As a result, you may be missing out on viewers. Indeed, videos with an age limit/restriction are not shown to children or persons under 18 years of age.
The other side of the story is that your comments are visible, and that in turn is good for your engagement, and therefore good for your ranking and findability.

Where do you set the age limit?

You go to Youtube studio and then click on “videos” in the left menu bar. Then click on the video where you want to set the age limit.

adjust age at youtube video
suitable for children set youtube video

Comments boost the position of your video

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