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Type of Discord members: Offline ⚪️
Order now and receive 55-8760 Star Points (VIP members get more)
Order now and receive 55-8760 Star Points (VIP members get more)
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Buy Discord members for your Discord server. Especially for crypto, gamers & developers.

Why buy Discord members?

Buying Discord members helps give your Discord server a huge boost. It is often incredibly difficult to recruit new members when your server only has a small number of members. Having more members on your Discord server immediately makes it look attractive.

Are the members offline ⚪️ or online 🟢?

The Discord members you buy here are offline ⚪️. This means they will not be active on your server. Would you also like to add online Discord members to make your project look lively and active? Then choose to have
online Discord members
add. A good Discord server includes both online and offline members.

Is buying Discord members punishable?

We are regularly asked whether buying Discord members is reliable and not punishable. In fact, Discord puts in its fine print that you are not allowed to influence your server through third parties.

Well the question is to what extent do you take advantage of this? No one can prove that you buy Discord members from us. That makes buying Discord members completely safe and secure. In addition, Discord member buying is completely legal and therefore not punishable. For more information, please refer to the ACM.

How quickly are Discord members delivered?

Typically, your order is started almost immediately after it is placed. Sometimes this can take up to 24 hours. For an order of 1,000 Discord members, you can expect a delivery time of up to 24 hours. Larger numbers may take a bit longer. Unfortunately, because we use organic profiles, we cannot give an exact delivery time.

Do you need my login information?

No, we don’t need those. All we need is an invite link from your Discord server. This link should be on permanent. This means that the link may NOT expire.

Are the Discord profiles real?

In most cases, we use real profiles. These feature a profile image. We lure Discord profiles to your Discord server using an algorithm. The Discord members will not otherwise be active on your server.

Do I get a warranty on Discord member purchases?

Yes, on buying Discord members get a 90-day guarantee. This warranty consists of 90-day satisfaction guarantee and 90-day refill guarantee. That makes buying members for your Discord server completely safe and secure.

Algorithms of platforms are constantly changing. What worked yesterday doesn’t work today. Therefore, it is important to constantly innovate and grow. Growing your Discord server is one of them.

The best day to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best day is today. So what are you waiting for… Start planting a tree on your Discord server today, and reap the benefits in just a few days!

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