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Buy real reactions to your YouTube video!

Type of YouTube responses: Willekeurig 🔀
Order now and receive 8-68 Star Points (VIP members get more)
Order now and receive 8-68 Star Points (VIP members get more)
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Just be aware that YouTube does not approve of you buying comments. Ordering is at your own risk.

Do you have a new video, or an already existing video on Youtube that could use some extra comments? With us you can buy these easily!

A video with comments attached not only comes across as more convincing, but also invites other people faster, to also post a comment. So in fact, it attracts new responses sooner, for which you therefore do not have to pay more!

You can order our YouTube reactions starting from 5 pieces. All responses are written in the English language by people who actually watch your video. They then try to post as relevant a comment as possible that is therefore of real use to you.

Delivery time <24 hours

Timeframe: responses are delivered in immediate succession

Language: English

Relevance: 80%

Choose from 5 responses, 10 and 20. If 20 is not enough you can order the product more often.

TIP: You can combine this product well with YouTube views. As a result, your video will be viewed more often and shown earlier in search results.


So buying Youtube comments or buying Youtube subscribers can be very affordable with us!

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