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More YouTube Subscribers? How to Get Them

Is your goal to reach 1,000 subscribers to your YouTube channel as soon as possible? You too can attract more followers to your page with a few simple tips. In this blog, we explain to you how to get more subscribers on YouTube, without waiting for years.

Why YouTube subscribers matter

YouTube subscribers should really be thought of as true loyal fans; they have chosen to want to see more of your videos and want to be kept up to date with your content.

A major benefit of having more YouTube subscribers is that you will receive more views because of them. For example, they can choose to turn on notifications (where they are notified of new videos) and your videos appear on a special timeline. This makes them more likely to click on one of your videos, rather than a user having to look you up or come across you on the explore page with luck.

In addition, with your loyal followers, you are more likely to have them like your content, comment on it or share the video with friends. Which in turn increases the number of followers on your channel.

So you can actually compare YouTube subscribers to followers on Instagram or TikTok. This group of people prefers your content to someone else’s. That must feel super good!

From 0 to 1,000 subscribers

As you probably already know, you need 1000 subscribers (and 4000 viewing hours) to sign up your channel for the YouTube affiliate program, which allows you to earn revenue on videos. With that, these first 1,000 will also be the most difficult. Because let’s face it … a channel with few subscribers does not attract very many and can be a reason for users to therefore not hit the subscribe button either.

In addition, you will have to find the right type of content and concepts for your channel in the beginning. This is where you get one step further each video. See what is catching on well, focus on the analytics and keep up with trends, and your channel will be fine.

All in all, then, it is not surprising that getting your first 1,000 subscribers on YouTube is difficult. Persevere and make use of the tips in this blog, and you will surely get there!

Getting YouTube followers; 6 helpful tips

There are definitely certain tips you can apply to get more subscribers on YouTube. Below we discuss both some paid options, as well as ways to attract YouTube subscribers for free. This allows everyone to get started with their YouTube channel.

Create a channel trailer

Instantly create a channel trailer for your channel. You install this trailer or teaser video at the top of your channel, so new users immediately know what kind of content they can find on your page. This way, not only does your channel come across as much more professional, it also instantly creates the right tone (and more views) for on your channel.

For example, paste together interesting or fun clips from the current video that are online, or create a completely new video. It’s entirely up to you how you set it up, as long as it’s not too long (4 minutes maximum) and you encourage visitors to subscribe through a call-to-action at the end.

Get to work on your titles and thumbnails

Another way to get more free YouTube subscribers is The title of your video should be as appealing as possible. In fact, besides the thumbnail, this is the reason why a user decides to select your video. For each video, write a few titles in a row, and possibly ask your family or friends which title they find most appealing.

Some tips you can apply when creating a strong title:

  • In doing so, try to put as much emotion into your titles as possible, use emotive words such as CRASHING, SHOCKING or WHOLE.
  • Use numbers in your titles, such as 10,000 euros, 5 tips, 52 hours etc.
  • Don’t make your titles too long, just because YouTube allows you up to 100 characters doesn’t mean you have to use all of them.
  • Make your title exciting and make sure it raises questions for users.

You can also apply smart tips to your thumbnail that will make the video more appealing, use bright colors as much as possible and where possible, try to include a face (with emotion) in the thumbnail. Also, use only high quality photos to make the thumbnail look more professional immediately.

It’s best to create your thumbnails in programs like Photoshop, but if you don’t have the budget for this, you can also use Canva in the beginning. Don’t have any editing knowledge at all or can’t manage to create a good thumbnail? Then you can also choose to hire a thumbnail artist.

Handy tip from us: did you know that arrows and large yellow or red colored text do very well in thumbnails? Definitely something to try out!

Apply the 80/20 rule

Surely the golden rule on YouTube has to be the 80/20 rule. You can only apply this one if you already have some (or many) videos on your channel. Are you starting from scratch? Then skip this tip for now.

Grab your YouTube Analytics and sort your videos by the number of views. Now take the top 20% (of the videos with the most views) and write the main topics, sub topics and titles on a sheet of paper. Now see if things match these videos. For example, are a lot of them about Elon Musk? Are they discussing a specific crypto currency? Or are they all the same formats like a Mukbang?

The idea is to create new videos about these high-scoring topics in videos. This way, you will see your reach, and thus followers, grow quickly. Did you upload these? Then again, apply the 80/20 rule; focus on the 20% of videos that do well, and leave the other 80% behind.

Share your content in niche communities

Research where your target audience hangs out and introduce your videos on platforms beyond YouTube. For example, there are plenty of Facebook groups or Discord pages that focus on one specific topic, such as making money online.

Try to get into these groups and share relevant information in the group weekly (daily or otherwise). In this way, people increasingly see you as an expert and you build trust.

After a while, you can quietly send YouTube videos into the group. If you already do this directly, there is a high possibility that you will be immediately expelled from the group. Indeed, these types of groups do not like individuals who only want to sell their own product, channel or course. So do this in a normal way and don’t force anyone to watch the video.

Although this method takes a lot of time, it is super efficient to gather more free YouTube subscribers for your channel.

Buy YouTube subscribers at Likes-kopen

Do you have little patience and want to tap the first 1,000 subscribers as soon as possible? Then you can also choose to buy subscribers. This immediately makes your channel look a lot more professional and reliable, and ensures that your channel is more likely to show up in search results.

Just make sure you only buy YouTube subscribers from a reliable party. There are plenty of websites that rip you off with low-quality followers, followers that decline over time or deliver nothing at all. With Likes-kopen, you are assured of premium quality followers, with a verified Google profile and we take care that everything is delivered in a normal way. This way you will increase by 10 to 20 subscribers per day, reducing the risk of YouTube seeing that they are purchased profiles.

Note: Artificially increasing subscribers violates YouTube’s guidelines. So 100% risk-free it is not.

YouTube ads

Another paid method of gaining more YouTube followers is through YouTube ads. There are several types of ads you can deploy, these are the most popular options:

  • In-stream video: this ad is played before or after a video.
  • Non-video ads: for a smaller budget, your video can appear on the side of YouTube (while another video is clicked) among the suggested results.
  • TrueView Discovery ads: your video appears at the top of the page when searched for the right keywords.

Which type of ad is best depends on what your goal is and what budget you are dealing with. You can always start with a non-video ad, and upon success delve into the more expensive options.

All in all, plenty of tips to get started right away to get more YouTube followers. Did you find this blog interesting? Then take a look at our other blogs about YouTube. For example, we recently wrote a blog that delves deeper into the best YouTube strategy in 2023.

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