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More Views On YouTube? How to Get Them

More views on your YouTube videos not only help you accumulate more viewers and followers, but also earn more through the YouTube affiliate program. In fact, this one charges x amount per 1000 views. For your content to stand out among some 3 million other videos, you have to know what you’re doing. In this blog, we explain how to get more views on YouTube.

Why are views on YouTube important?

The more views you get on your YouTube videos, the higher you will rank in YouTube’s search results. A higher spot makes users more likely to click on your video. Because let’s face it, how often do you scroll all the way down on YouTube? Many users choose one of the first 10 videos and really only scroll further down if they are super interested in the topic (and there is little to find online). So it’s up to you to get as high as possible in this list with your videos.

Also, the number of views on YouTube affects the explore page. This is the home page of YouTube where popular videos that viewers might find interesting are shown. Since this is the first page viewers land on when opening the YouTube app or website, a spot on this page is golden. This way, you will find new subscribers quickly and your video can go viral more easily.

Tips for more views on YouTube

Currently, there are so super many tips online on how to get more views on YouTube that you can almost lose track of them. For this reason, we decided to list the best tips for you, so that you don’t have to spend hours searching, and can invest this time in your YouTube channel.

An SEO-proof description

Keywords are not only useful for in your title and hashtags that you place with the video, you can also use them very well in the description. This is because YouTube or Google cannot scan your video itself for keywords, so you have to make it clear enough in the places where you can.

To find the best keywords it is best to do extensive keyword research. You can do this by doing your own research via the YouTube search bar or by using a tool such as the Google Keyword planner.

Try to have your keywords appear at least 5 times in the description. This may sound like a lot, but then the intention is to put down a longer description. Try to achieve at least 200 words on each video. In fact, this long description also helps with the findability of your video in the YouTube algorithm.

Encourage binge-watching in your video

The fact that a user watches one video of yours is, of course, already very nice. But it would be even better when someone watches multiple videos in a row! Not only does this get you more views on YouTube, the algorithm takes this information into account. This is because it looks at how many videos a user watches consecutively on a single channel, and in doing so, it ensures that your video will rank higher in search results.

A good way to encourage binge-watching on your channel is through playlists. These playlists are convenient for viewers and are an easy way to guide viewers from one video to another. When creating the playlists, do make sure you create enough categories, that way you can be sure that the viewer of one video is also interested in the others.

In addition, playlists are also good for the SEO for your page when you take keywords into account when creating the titles.

Make use of YouTube maps

When uploading your YouTube video, at some point you get the option to set up maps. Many channels forget to do something with these cards, but did you know that they actually add a lot of value to your video!

YouTube cards are ideal when you want to link from one video to another. It then appears as i in the upper right corner of the screen during the video, at your chosen time. Viewers can click on this i’t, which will then immediately open a new screen with this video.

Videos are not the only thing you can set up with maps, you also have the ability to show a playlist, recommend other channels and even add other links. So this way you can not only push videos, but also use other ways to make money from YouTube. Such as affiliate links in your videos, which ensures that you are already making money with YouTube even without having a monetized channel.

Again, the longer users stick around on your channel, the better. So be sure to make great use of this handy tip and spread the i’s throughout your video. Of course again, not too much, otherwise it distracts from the video itself.

Collaborate with other YouTubers

By partnering with another YouTuber, you attract a new audience to your videos on YouTube. You can do this by inviting a guest to your video (in your studio), and simultaneously recording a video for the guest’s account as well. Or by having the guest record a piece of video and paste it into your own video.

This way you help each other to more followers, views and likes. Not so sure who is the best person to ask? Then look at accounts with the same number of followers and the same type of content.

However, it is important here that you have the same target audience, otherwise you will get views that are irrelevant and only ruin your results. The fact is that the YouTube algorithm also looks at the length that users watch your video. Are you sending the wrong audience to your videos? Then they will click away after only a few minutes. This is negative for your viewing time and thus also acts as a detriment to your channel.

Create as much engagement as possible

The more users who comment under your video, share your video or like it, the faster your video will be shared with other users by the YouTube algorithm. Thus, more interaction indirectly creates more views.

One way to create more interaction on and below your video is to ask viewers various questions throughout the video. Ask them for their opinion on a particular topic, what they want to see next time, and don’t forget to ask your audience in between (about halfway through) to like the video.

At the end of the video, you can also ask viewers to subscribe. Don’t do this too early in the video, as this can be seen as very annoying and a reason for some to click the video away.

Buying views for your YouTube videos

Another way to boost your likes is by ordering likes online.

There are several websites online where you can arrange more views for YouTube. Before you order, do pay attention to the quality of delivery. For example, many companies only supply views from Eastern countries such as Pakistan. This affects the algorithm, as YouTube then thinks this is a good target audience for you. As a result, your videos will be viewed worse in the future.

Likes-kopen offers both Dutch views and general views, so there is a good option for every channel. Are you curious about prices and more information? Then click here.

Quality over quantity

Keep the content of your video as appealing as possible and don’t make it one long boring story. For example, you can do this by including several “shock-factors” in the video such as a plot twist or super interesting fact. This ensures that the viewer remains captivated throughout the video and does not drop off halfway through.

But also get to the point quickly in the beginning of the video. Tell immediately what viewers can expect from this video and don’t make the introduction too long. Otherwise, viewers are already clicking away from the video without it having actually started.

Running out of good content ideas for a while? Then don’t just post a video without your support. Quality really does take precedence over quantity on YouTube. So it’s a better idea to just not upload for a few days then, instead of putting down a bad video.

So all in all, there are a fair number of different ways to get more views on YouTube. With the help of the above tips, you should surely succeed in making your YouTube channel a great success. Want to know more about this platform? Then check out this blog, where we go into more detail about getting more YouTube followers.

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