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How best to become familiar with YouTube

Becoming well known, and all the benefits that come with it, everyone wants that, right? Only how to do this is often not clear. We try all kinds of things, but just don’t make progress, or we don’t dare to take the step to actually get started.

If you want to become famous on YouTube, you will have to make certain videos where you put up a unique personality that is fun or interesting enough to want to follow. Also make sure you are always thinking about your audience, and showing this to them. After all, your audience are the people who have to take you to the top.

To help you get started a bit, we have compiled some interesting tips for you. And when you follow these you will already be a lot closer to your goal than before. Now should you want to become known on Youtube quickly? Then consider buying YouTube views.


Step 1: Get the right attention.

  1. Keep up with the times.
    If you include topics in your videos that are currently related to what is happening in the media or from pop culture that people are searching for on the Internet, you have a greater chance of becoming popular because you will be easier to find in google.
  2. Create responses to videos or parodies of others.
    Watch videos of famous YouTube vloggers, and comment on their videos or put a funny spin on them. This allows you to make money from the success of others, and these types of videos are super popular. The famous YouTubers love these kinds of videos because it is also good for their name recognition.
  3. Go to YouTube meetings, and meet people.
    People are more likely to watch your videos or subscribe to your channel when they have met you in person. These meetings are held all over the world, and is a super good way to network and meet new people who will be good for your YouTube career.
  4. Collaborate with well-known YouTubers.
    When you go to a YouTube meeting, try to find famous people, and ask if they would like to collaborate with you for a video. If this does not work at a meeting, try it via YouTube or twitter. This is a very good way to have a role in the YouTube community. Just make sure that when you approach these people that you already have an idea or plan at hand.
  5. Make sure one of your videos is recommended by a YouTube editor.
    When you’ve created a good video that stands out, chances are it will be recommended by YouTube. As a result, your fame could rise very much within a few days.
  6. Provide constant new content.
    If you consistently post new videos that contain interesting and new content, and are related to your audience’s world, you will get noticed. This can be very quick, but this can sometimes take up to months. Give it time, and don’t give up. For example, if you are not a well-known YouTuber after a year, it does not mean that you will not succeed at all.



Step 2: Attract visitors

  1. Make your channel look interesting.
    It is very important how that your channel looks, this can mean the success of your video, or not of course. Make sure your channel has a nice design, and that you take a catchy name that sticks with people. Make sure it is clear to people at a glance, exactly what you do.
  2. Add keywords.
    Adding keywords to your videos is one of the most important parts of getting seen. So when you upload a video to your channel, make sure you add words in the description that describe exactly what the video is about. So don’t use the same keywords as all the other YouTubers, because then your video will be dwarfed by the sheer number of them.
  3. Promote your videos only to people you know.
    Do not keep asking unknown people to watch or share your videos. This is a mistake many people make. Instead, only ask your family and friends to watch and share your videos, and then let the viewers naturally build up. Of course this is not with immediate results, but if you persevere then you will see that you will naturally gain more followers.
  4. Stay in touch with your subscribers.
    If you want to become popular, it is important that you always stay in touch with your viewers. Therefore, you should always stay neat and show respect to your viewers, and make them feel heard. You can do this, for example, by always responding to comments you get under your videos. If someone leaves a friendly message, always respond to it. This is also a very good way to build relationships with your audience. When people ask you for advice, give it. Always be friendly and sincere, then you will start attracting more and more viewers.
  5. Check out the channels of other YouTubers.
    What is very important is that YouTube is a community. So if you want to become popular you will have to work together. Be sure to connect with other YouTubers, through posts on all platforms. Give compliments and positive feedback.
  6. Post a new video at least once a week.
    If you start a YouTube channel to become known, it is important that you make sure people come back. And to ensure that people return to your channel you will have to post new videos regularly, otherwise they will soon forget about you. Make sure you always put something original in your video, and that the quality is always high.



Step 3: Creating top videos

  1. Always remain yourself.
    It is always very important to stay yourself, and not put on an act. Because viewers can always tell within a few seconds if that’s you or not. It doesn’t matter if you are funny, intense, sweet or cuddly. Because no matter what your unique personality traits are, always show this in your videos and don’t make up your own. Be in your videos as you are with your friends or family. If you don’t do this, you will actually push viewers away from you instead of attracting them. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because this will actually make people feel more connected to you, because that’s human.
  2. Be clear in what you have to offer your audience.
    You just have to pay attention to popular YouTubers, they always have something interesting to offer. That could be music, well thought out advice, or just plain hilarious entertainment. Then consider what you have to offer the audience, and keep this in mind with every video you create.
  3. Clarity and eye contact.
    It is important that you make sure you speak clearly, and that you always make eye contact with your audience (the camera). This ensures that the viewer’s attention stays with you, not distracted. This makes what makes your video already more interesting to watch.
  4. Good quality of your videos.
    First of all, it is and always will be YouTube, so no one expects your video to be absolutely perfect. But make sure your lighting and sound are good, or your viewers will be gone immediately.

Edit your videos

Always when you have made a video it is important that you edit the video to make it extra interesting, and you make it more fun to watch. Editing a video can also cause the quality of the video to go up. Add effects, or appropriate sounds/music. This keeps the attention better on the video.

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