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Nothing is more frustrating than few views on YouTube. While you try very hard at creating quality videos, you just can’t seem to achieve more reach with your channel. Does this look familiar to you? Then be sure to read this blog, where we explain to you how to bring in more free views on YouTube with a few simple hacks.

Why do you have few views on YouTube

Before we give you some handy tips for getting more free views on YouTube, it’s helpful to first consider why you’re not getting many views in the first place. We have briefly listed the most common problems:

  • You appeal to the wrong audience: when your content does not fit your target audience at all, no one clicks on your videos.
  • You have too much competition: when there are too many channels within your sub-niche, you will always have to create extremely good videos to get noticed.
  • Your title and thumbnail are bad: users scroll past videos that don’t immediately grab their attention.

The positive news is that all of these problems can be addressed. Are you addressing the wrong audience? Then change your content, or your target audience, of course. Do you have too much competition? Then make sure you come up with unique concepts. Is it because of your titles and thumbnails? By showing titles to your family members, you can improve them. And for your thumbnails, you can hire freelancers.

Free YouTube views through websites

Probably during your search for more free YouTube views, you first came across many websites claiming to generate free views for your channel. In fact, Google is full of this (on the first page).

Although we have nothing against fake views, you have to ask yourself if the websites offering them for free are trustworthy. The last thing you are waiting for is for the channel to be hacked and you put all that effort for nothing. In addition, the free YouTube views offered by these websites are often of very poor quality. YouTube will pierce through this in no time, which may prevent your channel from applying to the YouTube partner program. This would be a waste of your hard work, of course.

We therefore recommend that you buy views only from quality and reliable online shops, such as Likes-kopen. Here you can also choose only Dutch views. This ensures that your YouTube algorithm is still recommending your videos to the same target audience, so your subsequent videos won’t be harmed either.

Helpful tips for free views on YouTube

The two biggest factors of a good YouTube video are SEO and good content. If any of these factors are not done well enough, your reach will never exceed a few hundred users. Apply the following tips and see what a big difference it makes on your videos.

Tip #1 Optimize the titles of your videos

As briefly mentioned above, having good titles for your videos is crucial. We’ve listed some key points for you so you can put together a top-notch title next time.

  • Always use the keyword in your title: this way the algorithm knows what your video is about and it is easier to find in both Google and YouTube.
  • Use google keywords: this way you can find what your target audience often searches for. You can use this information in your title.
  • Make sure the title is not too long: use a maximum of 66 characters for optimal results.
  • Make the title attractive: use as many emotive words as possible to get people to click on the video.
  • Do not use the word “video”: titles with this word are found worse.

With these points, writing a good title should no longer be a problem for you.

Tip #2 focus on watch time

The YouTube algorithm uses the watch time of your video to determine how often they show it to others. The better your watch time is, the more often your video will come up to users. Your watch time on YouTube is determined based on how long a user watches a video. If the user decides to click away after only 1 minute because this video is not interesting enough, your watch time will get a poor percentage. If a user watches the video almost all the way through, then you are between 85% and 90%.

So as a video creator, it is important to get users to watch the video for as long as possible, so you have a higher chance of the YouTube algorithm showing your video to more people. The more reach you have, the greater the chance of more views, of course.

You can check the watch time of your video in the YouTube studio, where, by the way, you can also see other useful results of your video. It is important to keep an eye on these anyway. Then you can always (when a video runs poorly) change a thumbnail or title.

Tip #3 Use the right tags in your video

Tags should be thought of as descriptive keywords that you can add to your videos so that viewers can find your videos more easily. Currently you can pick up to 15 tags for one video, so it’s important to determine which keywords are most important to your channel.

The order in which you name your tags also seems to affect the YouTube algorithm. Although this has never been proven, or conformed by YouTube itself, it is a small effort to put your most important keywords at the front of the tags.

Do you want to optimize your tags for SEO as much as possible? Then keep your tags to 2 to 3 words or very short sentences. Be careful, though, if you attach excessive tags to your video (that are also irrelevant to the topic) you violate YouTube’s policy against spam. So make sure you pick only relevant keywords.

A good way to find good scoring keywords to Google keywords is to cheat at the competition. Of course, only watch videos that score well. The easier your videos are to find, the more views you grab.

Tip #4 Create an eye-catching thumbnail

Besides the title, a thumbnail is what should persuade a user to click on your videos. But how do you actually make a good thumbnail?

First, a word on the technical side:

  • The resolution must be at least 1280 x 720 pixels, which is HD resolution.
  • Make sure the thumbnail has an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • You can upload jpg, gif, mbp and png files as thumbnails.
  • The file should be no larger than 2 mb.

In addition, there are lots of other factors that determine whether a thumbnail is good or not. Thus, it should be immediately clear to users what the video is about and what to expect. In addition, of course, it should be incredibly eye-catching! Use as many bright colors as possible, red or white arrows (these always do super well) and also use faces with intense emotions whenever possible.

In addition, it is wise to give all your thumbnails a certain house style as well. This allows viewers to identify your videos immediately. Do make sure your font is also readable on a small phone screen, as viewers decide within 3 seconds whether or not they want to see a video. If they are already deciphering these whether they want to see your video or not, they won’t click anyway.

Tip #5 Create a good community

Do you want your subscribers to recommend your videos to friends and family as well? Then it is important to build a good relationship with them. You can do this in the beginning by responding to comments people leave. This not only creates a connection, it also shows gratitude. In addition, more comments also make for a better ranking in the YouTube algorithm.

When you already have a few more followers, it’s time to start posting on the community tab. Here, in addition to updates, you can post polls. Ask your followers what videos they would like to see next time, or ask other fun questions. This way, followers have felt that you are involving them in the YouTube adventure, which makes them more likely to recommend your channel to others.

With the above tips, you should probably succeed in getting more free views on YouTube. Remember that growing a YouTube channel organically takes a lot of patience and effort. Make sure you go all the way, and your channel will surely be fine!

Want more such helpful blogs about the YouTube platform? Then check out this blog, where we give you tips to get more YouTube subscribers. Again, without paying for it. Together with this blog, this will ensure that you can take your channel to the next level!

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