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Creating YouTube Videos – The Best Tips

Making YouTube videos; something that sounds easy, but can be quite difficult in practice. Still, YouTube is full of fun, funny, interesting and cool videos. So you too can learn this! In this blog, we’ll explain how to make a good YouTube video and when it’s a good idea to have someone else make it for you.

Different types of cameras

Cameras are a very important part when using your own footage to create YouTube videos. Since this is the first thing you need to take care of when you want to make good YouTube videos, we have listed a handy overview of the pros and cons of different types of cameras.

  • Your phone’s camera: because you don’t easily forget your phone and can easily take it anywhere, this is very useful for small vlogs or other short recordings. The quality, on the other hand, depends on the type of phone you have, and often you have to consider storage as well.
  • A webcam: this camera is ideal for game videos or podcast recordings, where you are the focus. You should not choose this if you often film in different places or want to show more than just yourself. For this, the quality is also not good enough.
  • A professional camera: this is ideal for when you like to shoot high quality videos, such as documentaries or nature videos. The downside is still the price and that it is not very convenient to carry this heavy camera everywhere.
  • Screen shots: want to put instructional videos on YouTube that clearly explain how to do something or get somewhere? Then a screen capture works fine. You can’t use it for anything else.
  • Drone: Are you planning to take mostly nature videos or videos of certain houses, cities or monuments? Then a drone absolutely cannot be missed. These devices are very expensive, though, and you are not allowed to fly everywhere.

As you can see, there are plenty of camera options to choose from. When picking your camera, pay particular attention to the type of content you want to create and look carefully at your budget. You can also choose to work with a second-hand camera in the beginning so that your investment is smaller.

Creating viral YouTube videos

Now that you know what kind of camera is best to use for your videos, it’s time to dive deeper into the video itself. In the following paragraphs, we will explain to you how to create good YouTube videos and what all you need to pay attention to.

A good introduction

80% of YouTube viewers click away from a video after only 1 minute. This means that this first minute is crucial when creating YouTube videos. To make a good introduction yourself, you need to pay attention to several points.

First, you should open the video directly with a repulsive fact, mysterious question, or funny moment further from the video. Is your video about the most beautiful houses in the Netherlands? Then you can open your video, for example, with the phrase “You’ll never guess how much this house cost,” showing a picture of a super large villa. This way, you will make the viewer curious, and they will want to continue watching the video anyway.

After you have drawn the viewer’s attention directly to you, it is good to briefly mention what they will see in this video or what you will do. This way, you already let the viewer know right away what to expect in your video, and they can look forward to something you might show or do later in the video.

Lastly, it is absolutely NOT to ask for likes or to subscribe right in the first minute. Many viewers find this irritating, and besides, they can’t judge at all within 1 minute whether they like the video enough. It is better to delay this until halfway through the video.

Do you have a gripping storyline?

A good introduction does not stop there, the entire storyline in the video must be right. A good video has a clear beginning, middle and end and keeps the viewer focused throughout. Capture the viewer’s attention all the time by highlighting exciting phrases or impressive facts in the story.

Some examples of sentences that attract attention:

  • Because what you are about to see is truly incredible!
  • But it didn’t stop there…
  • I can’t wait to show you number 5 in this video
  • Be sure to watch this video to the end because…

There are several good videos on YouTube to watch (though often in English) what a good storyline looks like in a video. Be sure to take the time to study these, as a good storyline will ultimately ensure a longer watch time as well. For which the YouTube algorithm will reward you.

Good sound quality

In addition to quality images, sound is of course super important for your YouTube video. Make sure you are easily understood and that you do not hear too much background noise in the video. Videos are a moment of relaxation for many users, which does not work when all they have to do is listen to annoying background sounds and crackling.

There are currently very many good microphones available for different purposes. Are you a gamer? Then you can use a fixed microphone just fine. Do you make fitness videos or are you often on the go? Then you’d better look at a portable microphone.

The power of eye contact

A common mistake made by novice YouTubers is that they often look at themselves, rather than the camera. A shame, because this makes you build a lesser bond with your viewers.

Looking straight into the camera makes the viewer feel more addressed, as if they are really talking to you. Do you use a professional camera? Then you can easily avoid this by flipping the little screen where you can see yourself (after setting it up correctly).

Professional editing

Good editing makes the difference between a great and a fine video and can set your videos apart from your competitors. Editing explained briefly is the post-editing of recorded images. You do this by using an editing software such as Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

When editing, it is not only important to take into account the structure of the video and that the images flow well together, but also special effects. Adding these special effects ensures that your video is made even more exciting or extreme, putting your own stamp on it.

Nowadays, so much is possible with editing. Step outside your comfort zone and make your video all your own. Actually, you need to make sure that just by editing, viewers already know which channel the video is from.

Getting YouTube video made; to do or not to do

Are you not so handy with computers and editing software yourself and hesitate to have your YouTube video made, instead of putting in a lot of effort yourself? Then there are some things to consider.

When you need help with personal videos (e.g., vlogs or cooking videos). Will you first have to gather all the raw-footage of your shots yourself and then send it to an editor. This editor will then make your images into one beautiful whole. With this, make sure you choose an editor you can trust and do professional work, the last thing you want is to be unable to upload a video because your editor is always late.

Do you want to have business YouTube videos made, such as for your company? Then you can also choose to bring in an entire production team. Then both camera equipment and microphones are provided and the footage is also edited afterwards. Of course, this does cost more than just hiring an editor.

Cashcow YouTube videos to be made

When outsourcing cash cow videos, you don’t have to do much yourself. Since you don’t show a face with this, but use stock footage, you can look for a freelance copywriter, editor and voiceover to create your entire video. All you then have to do yourself is provide a topic, check the freelancers and finally upload the video yourself with a good title and the right settings. Even you could enable a thumbnail artist when you want.

Again, you run the risk of delays when one of your freelancers does not complete the assignment, too late or not well enough.

Whether you choose to create your own viral YouTube videos or have it outsourced, both ways work well only when you put in enough time and energy. After all, you don’t create a successful YouTube channel in two weeks, you have to build it up.

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