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5 tips to get found better on YouTube

Have you started your own YouTube channel and would like more exposure? There are certain things you can do to be better found on YouTube. People often don’t find your videos by themselves, so it’s wise to do the best you can to attract more viewers. If you make use of friends and family who always faithfully share your videos on social media, that already helps a bit. But it doesn’t yet yield as many views as it can when you follow our tips. Are you reading?

Make use of subtitles

When you record YouTube videos in Dutch, you thereby reach mostly Dutch viewers. A simple way to make your videos available in other languages is to add subtitles. In doing so, first choose subtitles in English, but it is possible to make multiple languages available. That way, people from all over the world understand the message you are trying to convey. The result? You increase your target audience, which also increases the likelihood that your reach will increase and your videos will become more findable.

youtube subtitles

Start a collaboration

Did you know that the most successful people on YouTube became great by collaborating with others? A collaboration ensures that both parties enjoy benefits. Especially if someone has a similar audience, chances are that their viewers will find your videos interesting as well. It ensures that you give each other more exposure and it is free advertising. It also improves your credibility when another YouTuber talks positively about your channel in his or her videos. Try getting in touch with other YouTubers to see if they would be interested in a collaboration.

famous youtubers

Other tips

What else works well for getting found better on YouTube?

  • Do keyword research to determine what your target audience is interested in;
  • Explore your competition and learn from how they operate;
  • Get loyal viewers who subscribe to your channel;

Do you already apply many of these tips to your own YouTube channel or do you still see opportunities to improve? Know that your YouTube channel can never be perfect, but if you continuously keep trying your best you will find that you become a little bit better and more successful each time.

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