Influencer buys Instagram followers, ACM enforces

The ACM fortunately can't suspend your social media channel

“Firstinfluencer taken to task by the ACM.” This message recently appeared in the Volkskrant in bold letters.

Although the ACM has been around for years, they have never been more vocal about buying views, followers and likes. The influencer in question had fooled his followers by buying fake followers. Thus, his webshop seemed much more popular than it actually was. The ACM required the influencer to stop this immediately and remove all his fake followers. It looks like the ACM is getting serious about it from now on.

But, nothing could be further from the truth! You, fortunately, don’t have to worry. The ACM has very little influence over what happens in the world of social media. Therefore, they really won’t take on your account.

The people at the ACM, what do they do?

The Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) ensures that companies comply with competition rules. They monitor companies for surreptitious advertising, dangerous products or lying about what they do. The ACM is there to protect consumers from these practices.

It is a slow body, especially in the area of the Internet and social media. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about anything at all! You can just give your Instagram, TikTok and YouTube accounts another push by purchasing followers and likes. You buy at namely very easy real Dutch followers. Thus, there are no fake followers, fake likes or fake views.

Why the ACM can’t suspend your social media account

The world of social media changes day by day. The ACM can’t keep up with these changes at all. It is also for this reason that she is only now taking one look at an influencer who bought fake followers. This is the main reason anyway why there is absolutely no reason to panic.

Moreover, according to the fine print, it is not prohibited at all to purchase likes, followers and views. So you don’t have to worry about your purchases at What you yourself need to pay attention to is that you are really active on your social media channels. By doing this, you ensure that organic growth will only increase more strongly.

Receiving your followers, here’s how

One of the items you can purchase from are high-quality TikTok followers. These followers come from real profiles of high quality. These followers come from all over the world. It does not use robots that start automatically as soon as your payment is received. Your privacy is also guaranteed 100%.

So you can have complete confidence that your data won’t just end up on the streets. As a customer, you will surely be completely satisfied with that which you receive. The channels that these followers, likes and views were bought for soon saw that they were getting more reach, more likes and more sales.

Huge importance is placed on the quality of the products sold on Therefore, you can always buy the services in the web shop with peace of mind.

The benefits of buying real followers

It should come as no surprise that buying social media followers has tremendous benefits. Large databases containing real followers provide opportunities for anyone who wants to grow their social media channel. Do you buy followers for your TikTok, Instagram or YouTube? Then you soon notice that your social media channels get a huge boost.

So buying fake followers and fake likes is coming under increasing scrutiny by the ACM. Therefore, it is important to take a close look at what kind of followers and likes you are buying. There are plenty of companies on the Internet that promise to get great results from selling fake likes and fake followers, but so increasingly this is not a good idea.

What is a possibility, however, is to buy in real likes and real followers. Are you doing this? Then the ACM has no reason to fine you. Real people who follow you and like your posts and messages are obviously not subject to the ACM’s tightened rules.

The algorithm won’t stop you anymore!

The social media landscape changes daily. Every day, new services are added, old ways of growing expire and the algorithm is upended. This is often considered incredibly distracting. You obviously want your social media channel to grow organically. Constant changes often throw a spanner in the works. You can change this yourself! Don’t you have a large real number of followers? Then you are above the algorithm, so to speak.

Therefore, it is especially important for start-up influencers to quickly gain a large number of real followers on their channels. Are you just starting out as an influencer? Or have you been working as an influencer for some time but want to boost the growth of your channel? Then buying real followers is a wise step to make.

Because websites like always have their finger on the pulse when it comes to changes in the algorithm or actions by the ACM, you can be sure that the purchased followers will add value to your social media account and help you grow your account.

Protect your account from the ACM!

Want to make sure the ACM doesn’t order you to delete your followers or fine you? Then it is vital that you purchase your views, likes and followers from a legitimate website. So you don’t have to fiddle with a third-party app yourself.

Such an app is often clumsy and takes up a lot of time and energy. In addition, Instagram’s rules prohibit the use of such an app. You would obviously much rather put your time into useful things like creating new content!

For these reasons alone, it’s smart to outsource the growth of your social media to web shops like

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