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Saving for discounts

New – Save for discounts!

As of now, we have a savings system where you can save for extra discounts. With every item you buy, you get points. These points are automatically credited to your account after checkout. The next time you buy a product, you can have the points paid out in the form of discounts!

Create Account

To use our savings system, you need an account. Creating an account is free, and you can create it in 2 ways. Option 1 is by clicking (right) at the top on Login/Register. There you have the opportunity to “register. Option 2 is to click ‘create an account’ in the invoice field during checkout.


My Account

my accountIn my account, you can see not only how many loyalty points you have accumulated, but also invoices, previous purchases, downloads, and billing information. If you are logged in, you will see “Welcome+your name” at the top of the screen.


Earn additional savings points

There are two ways to collect extra loyalty points. The first way is to create an account. That’s how you get 50 points as a gift. In addition, we also reward positive product reviews with points. Again, this can vary from product to product. The minimum number of points is 5.


What are the loyalty points worth

value points75 points is 1.00 euros of discount. If you want to take advantage of your discount faster, you can also buy the products separately, instead of all at once. How many points a product earns varies greatly. During checkout, you’ll see how many loyalty points your total order earns. By the way, each product also lists (above the ‘add’ button) how many points the product itself earns.

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