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Becoming famous through SoundCloud? Here’s how to do it

Imagine you’ve been making your own music for years and getting better at it. Then there comes a day when you want to be heard. Then, of course, it’s great if you can share your music with the world and gain fame because of it. Did you know that SoundCloud gives its users that option? This website allows you to record your own music, upload it and download tracks from others. It is the ideal way to get more exposure as a (beginning) artist or singer(s). We are happy to explain how you can make sure that you will be able to do the same.

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Starting at the beginning with Soundcloud

Do you have your tracks all ready to go or do you need to record some more before you can share them with your listeners? Create a profile on SoundCloud and upload your existing tracks. You can easily and quickly make the music you still need to record a reality. To do so, download the SoundCloud app for Android and click More at the top. There you can start your recording. If you have completed it to your satisfaction, upload it privately or publicly. With the last option, you make sure others can listen to your track as well.

Getting noticed on Soundcloud

There are several things you can do to make your music stand out. For example, it is important to choose a clear title and possibly add a description. You can also add tags appropriate to your shot. If people search on these tags, they are more likely to come across your recording as well. How about visiting other profiles on SoundCloud with tracks you like? When you like these tracks, leave a comment or decide to follow those individuals on SoundCloud, you get noticed. Take advantage of it and make sure people discover your profile and music.

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Invest money, if you can spare it

It is not necessary, but it can certainly help a lot if you decide to invest some money in your SoundCloud profile. Choose a paid account so that there are no more limits on uploading and downloading. Or pay a well-known channel to advertise your music. In return, you pay them. Often such channels have a wide reach, which means that many people will be exposed to your music. Should you be able to spare some money, invest it in your music. You will reap the benefits of that later!

Promote Soundcloud channel

There are several tools you can use to promote your Soundcloud channel. Consider buying followers, likes, plays, shares (reposts), and comments. With us you can buy various Soundcloud promotional tools to boost your likes, followers, plays, comments, or shares.

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