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Becoming an influencer; how do you do it?

These days, Influencers are a staple of social media. An Influencer is someone with many followers, whom people regard as a role model. This could be a famous person or someone who, for example, posts very nice pictures of themselves in certain clothes and has become famous as a result. The prettier the photos, the more successful the Influencer is. Brands and companies are only too happy to capitalize on this. When someone with many followers advertises a brand or company, that company’s fame can increase quickly and dramatically. But how do you become an Influencer yourself?


Determine what makes you unique

instagram influencerIf you decide you want to become an Influencer, you must have a Unique Selling Point (USP) for your Instagram channel. That means being different from others so that you stand out. Decide what makes you unique, what your photos should look like and in what way you will edit your photos as best you can. It can be a good idea to choose one type of style or filter on your Instagram account, so that all photos look like the whole of one collection. That way you exude professionalism. It is also important to post new photos regularly and provoke interaction with your audience. This usually creates additional Likes and comments.


Stay yourself

Since quite a few people are already seen as Influencers on social media, it’s important that you don’t completely mimic them. Remain yourself at all times, because that is how you will ultimately bind the most people to you. Avoid becoming shallow as an Influencer and doing everything for Likes. Instead, show the world who you really are and what you have to offer. In the long run, it will bring you much more success!

becoming an influencer on instagram

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