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Order now and receive 3-680 Star Points (VIP members get more)
Order now and receive 3-680 Star Points (VIP members get more)
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If you want to share a post on Twitter, you can buy Twitter retweets to do so. Here you can order different quantities.


Buy Twitter retweets

All we need from you is the link of the post. Copy and paste this into the order form. Through the app, click the arrow and click copy link. On the PC, right-click on the date, and copy the link.

Twitter ‘s guidelines state that you should not release artificial shares around your profile or post. So buying retweets is at your own risk.


Retweeting messages

Additional sharing of your Tweets is possible. Here you can do that at lightning speed. Sharing your posts is called Retweeting. You can buy packages starting at 25 pieces. If you have a link in your Twitter post it will also be shared. This is good for your SEO and increases link value.


Benefits of retweeting

Sharing posts, i.e. having your post retweeted, has several benefits. Your message gets more body because it has been shared often. In addition, you get a wider reach. This is because your Tweet becomes more findable because it has already been shared several times. Finally, it can also have SEO value when you include a link in your post. In short, multiple reasons to buy Twitter retweets!


Features of our part service

  • We let international accounts share your post on their own profiles
  • The number ordered is for 1 message only and cannot be distributed
  • Delivery time between 3-5 days for small quantities. Larger numbers may take longer.
  • In addition to retweeting, we sell much more for Twitter

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