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Getting Twitch Followers

More followers on Twitch? This is how you do it!

Are you busy scaling up your Twitch account, hoping to make money from it and attract great collaborations soon? Then this blog is especially for you! Getting more Twitch followers can be quite tricky, but these tips below will definitely help you get started.

What kind of platform is Twitch?

With more than 1 trillion minutes of streamed livestreams in the past year, Twitch is the most popular online livestream platform for gamers. Viewers can both watch the streamer live, and watch pre-recorded footage back. As a result, you won’t have to miss anything from your favorite streamer.

Anno 2023, gaming videos are no longer the only category for which you can go on the Twitch platform as a streamer or viewer. Livestreams on sports, nutrition, music and food have also been very popular lately. All in all, a platform you can spend hours on without getting bored.

Tips to get more Twitch followers

Gaining more Twitch followers can be very difficult at first. Your account is not yet being pushed by the algorithm and, as a result, you often find yourself with only 1 to 5 viewers in your livestream. Yet there are some steps you can take yourself to change this. We have listed 6 great tips that will help you get more Twitch followers and viewers.

Be original and not too quiet

Many Twitch streamers fall into this trap; they are so deep into their game that it makes them quiet. This is precisely something that gets in the way of getting more Twitch followers. Twitch is an entertainment platform. Viewers flock to streams to relax for a while, laugh and (the word says it all) be entertained. If you do nothing about this, it will be reflected in the number of viewers and followers.

Therefore, be interactive with your followers, tell them what you are doing or even come up with interactive choices in between where your viewers determine what your next step is. Even if only 1 person is watching your stream, it’s important to keep talking and making that connection. This makes viewers less likely to get bored and happy to come back to you.

Think about the language you stream in

The language in which you start streaming will have a big impact on the number of viewers. Realize that if you choose to speak Dutch in your stream many visitors will click away for the simple reason that they don’t understand you. For this reason, most Twitch streamers choose English as their language of communication. Can you speak a fair bit of English and are you intelligible? Then be sure to seize this opportunity! It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but especially as you play games, many words will feel increasingly natural because of the power of repetition.

Also, make sure that people in the chat adhere to this working language as much as possible. When you decide to speak English, but there is still a lot of Dutch talk in the chat, people who speak only English may feel left out. This may be a reason for them not to return to your stream.

Stay away from ‘follow for follow’ texts

Although we quite understand the appeal of participating in texts like “follow for follow” as a novice streamer, we really advise against it. This might work on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, but not on Twitch. After all, to achieve anything on Twitch, you need an average of 3 viewers per stream in addition to followers. People who only follow you (and then probably unfollow you again) often don’t watch these, so they won’t help you.

What does help is to ask your current viewers several times in the stream if they are already following you. Don’t do this in a coercive way or too often; this will only put them off. You can also choose to use a chatbot (a robot that automatically posts messages for you every few minutes) for this purpose.

Be consistent

Consistency makes for loyal viewers. Make sure you stream consistently around the same times each week and clearly state this on your profile. For example, do this by posting a schedule on your profile online once a week with information about which game you play when. This way, viewers can anticipate your stream and know in advance when their favorite game will be played.

Even if you don’t use Twitch just for gaming, you can use this schedule just fine. So you can add “let’s chat” hours into your schedule. So that people who care little about the games but are interested in you know when to come back.

Deploy other social media platforms

Social media is a free and powerful marketing tool you can use to get more Twitch followers. Create a dedicated account for your streams on a platform where your target audience can be found and promote your streams. Not only does this ensure that you attract more viewers to your stream, it also ensures that you create collaboration opportunities on this other platform.

Some great content ideas:

  • Behind-the-scenes looks at the stream
  • Highlights of the stream (funny moments or beautiful actions)
  • Snippets from your daily life
  • Polls on what to do in the next stream
  • Fun challenges that involve your followers (e.g. 5 hours live without….)

Whether you go for TikTok, Instagram or another platform as a second social media channel. Make sure your profile itself is well laid out and people can easily get to your stream. For example, by putting a link on your profile. When you don’t do this, it can be too much trouble for people to look you up further online, causing your marketing funnel to come to a dead end.

Invest in good streaming equipment

Admit it, you yourself would rather watch a stream with high quality picture and sound than a stream that falters and where you can hardly hear the streamer. For a positive experience, it is important to invest in a good microphone and camera. But that’s certainly not all, also consider the space behind you that viewers may see, a good Internet connection, professional software and additional factors such as good light.

It’s a challenge for many to build a certain notoriety on Twitch. With the above tips, not only will you get more viewers and Twitch followers, you will also develop yourself as a streamer. Once you are confident and positive energy behind the camera, viewers will find this contagious and enjoy watching your streams.

How can you make money on Twitch?

When you have built up a nice number of followers and viewers on the platform, you can make a fine penny with Twitch. Thus, there are opportunities to become a partner, enter into collaborations or receive donations.

The Twitch partner program

To become a Twitch partner and generate revenue from the platform, you must meet specific strict conditions. Among other things, you must have a minimum of 50 followers, stream x number of hours per month and comply with the platform’s basic rules.

Should you achieve this, your viewers will have the opportunity to subscribe to your profile. For this they pay 5 euros a month, half of which you have to turn in to Twitch, and half of which you can put in your own pocket. In exchange for the $5 per month, viewers get access to additional streams and videos you upload to the platform. But you can also choose to work with other special features during streams for these subscribers.

Receiving donations during the stream

Another method of earning on Twitch is through donations from your viewers. During your stream, viewers can donate money to let you know they appreciate and enjoy watching you. With this donation, they can also send a message, which will show up big on your screen. This makes the donating viewer stand out and often gets that person extra attention. Sometimes they also choose to ask a fun question of their favorite streamer.

The more followers and viewers you attract, the more likely you are to receive more donations.

Collaborations with external partners

Collaborations with companies such as Unisoft or companies that sell gaming gear such as headsets, computers or useful gaming accessories are often looking for well-known streamers to promote their product. For this, you get paid as a streamer, or agree on a barter deal where you get top quality game or stream accessories in exchange for the promotion.

These are the three most common ways to make money on Twitch. Of course, there are other methods such as selling personal merchandise or organizing meetings where viewers can meet the streamer.

Getting more Twitch followers can be very frustrating at first. Want to kickstart your account? Then check out the options for buying Twitch followers or viewers at to get your account into the algorithm faster.

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