Meer TikTok Likes

More Likes on TikTok?

More TikTok Likes
How do you get more likes on TikTok?

Are you completely new to TikTok? Or have you already built up a nice follower count, but get few likes on your videos? If so, this is probably due to the quality and type of content you are posting, something you can easily fix with the right knowledge. In this blog, we give you some tips that will help you get more likes on TikTok in a simple way.

How do you grow on TikTok?

You’ve finally made your first video that you’re really happy with, proudly publish it … and after a few hours the number of views still disappoints you quite a bit. The goal, of course, is for your videos to reach the widest possible audience.

Whereas platforms like Facebook and Instagram focus on the number of followers, TikTok is all about views and engagement on your videos. That way, without having 100 followers, you can go completely viral and get a lot of views by appearing on the For You page.

So the number of followers you have is only a small part of growing on TikTok. You don’t have to be a TikTok influencer to grab millions of views. This is precisely why it is so important to focus on quality entertaining or informative videos.

How does the TikTok algorithm work?

“The system recommends content by ranking videos based on a combination of factors,” TikTok said, “starting with the interests you express as a new user and adjusting to things you indicate you are not interested in.”

TikTok users are thus shown videos based on the TikTok algorithm. This algorithm is determined in a few ways:

  • Likes, reactions, shares and views: the more views and engagement there is on a video, the faster the video will appear on people’s For You page.
  • Topic category: TikTok quickly categorizes your video. By choosing popular categories, your video will be pushed more by the platform.
  • Device settings: it looks at what language you speak and what location you are in, to share content that others can understand.
  • Popular sound: a video with trending music or a popular sound will be shared with more people by TikTok.
  • Hashtags and SEO: TikTok considers which category your video fits into based on hashtags and keywords in your caption.
  • User activity: the algorithm tries to show only videos with high interest from the same target audience to users. They do this by measuring video viewing time, for example.

Exactly how the TikTok algorithm works is a secret. But by taking the above factors into account, you will make it easier to get more likes and go viral.

More likes on Tiktok

Now that you know how the TikTok algorithm works, it’s time to actually get started with your content. As we mentioned earlier in this blog, the quality of the videos you post is most important. The longer your video can hold the audience’s attention, the more the algorithm thinks your video is entertaining enough to be pushed to the For You. So in this blog, we will focus mainly on tips that address the content itself.

Choose a sub-niche

By choosing a sub-niche and keeping your content on topics within this niche, you ensure that users watch your content longer and keep coming back. While creating a new account, choose a sub-niche that is not too common, saturated topics such as makeup or soccer images will get few likes due to high competition.

In doing so, a sub-niche ensures that users know what kind of content to expect on your page, making it more likely that they will follow you as well. So a win-win situation when you want to grow your account quickly!

Create shorter videos for better viewing time

At first this may sound like a contradiction; better viewing time due to shorter videos. Yet on TikTok, that’s really how it works! Videos that are shorter (think 7- to 30-second videos) will often be watched to the end. This gives you a 100% rating on your viewing time, which makes TikTok think that users like your videos so much that they watch all the way to the end.

Because of this good score, the TikTok algorithm will place you on the For You page faster, giving you a chance to get more likes. Of course, there are also longer videos that can appear on the For You page, but for this the quality of the video must be very high. It is harder with these videos to hold viewers’ attention until the end.

Get started with better video quality

A video with poor picture quality will always be less likely to rise in likes than one shot with a professional camera. Fortunately, you don’t have to run straight to the store to invest in a good camera. There are also some things you can already do yourself (without a big investment) to improve the quality of your videos.

  • Shoot your videos in FULL-HD 60 FPS
  • Get good light; choose natural daylight or a ring lamp
  • Use different angles; change the position of the camera to keep the video interesting.

When you combine good content with good quality, you will see your videos grab many more views than usual.

Use subtitles

Not everyone on TikTok can watch videos with the sound on. If you don’t use subtitles with your videos, but you have a lot to say, this can cause a certain group to therefore not be able to listen to your video. This results in fewer likes.

You really certainly don’t need to create subtitles for every video you make; some images already speak for themselves. Be critical yourself and make sure you don’t miss out on any group of viewers because of this one small mistake.

Edit your videos professionally

Many TikTokkers use the app CapCut for this, and we too are very excited about it. With this app, you can add many fun effects to your video, which will make your videos stand out more among the rest. As more and more users post videos on the platform, standing out is crucial.

In addition, you can also cut and paste very easily in CapCut, allowing you to create fun transitions in your videos. An absolute must if you want to come across as a professional on the platform and catch the attention of viewers.

End with a cliffhanger

By ending your video with an exciting cliffhanger, you ensure that many viewers will like the video, to be more certain that they will also get to see the second part of your video. For example, you can put the end result in another video or end the video with an open ending.

Not everyone finds your account interesting enough to follow after one nice video, hence they choose to just like it. When they naturally follow you directly, this is only a plus. This is a trick you shouldn’t use too often, as it can also come across as irritating.

Choose the appropriate caption

TikTok’s biggest goal is entertainment. The platform is full of users who want to have a good laugh with simple funny videos after a busy day. So above all, don’t take yourself too seriously when creating and sharing content. This is also for the caption to the video. A fun caption can make the video 20x as fun or as stupid.

Make sure your message is short and sweet, but above all funny. Also, use some emoticons to make the text look better or funnier.

Buy likes through Likes-kopen

The reason why many users choose to buy likes for TikTok videos is very simple. More likes means that your video is liked by many people, and therefore other people want to see your video as well. So in addition to more viewers, it also gets you extra likes from real users.

Be smart and order your likes through a reliable website so that you only deal with quality likes and never have to enter your password. The latter can actually cause your account to be hacked, and of course no one wants that.

As you have read, growing the number of likes is mostly about coming up with and creating unique content. Unfortunately, there are no secret settings you can deploy to go viral instantly. Do you want more followers on your TikTok account in addition to likes? We also recently wrote an article on how to quickly gain more followers on TikTok. Click here if you would also like to read this informative blog.

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