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More followers on TikTok

Whereas the average population was skeptical of the platform at first, TikTok is currently the most popular platform for adolescents and young adults. Have you also started a channel but haven’t been very successful with the number of followers? Then be sure to read this blog. We figured out for you what elements affect the algorithm and how to get more followers on TikTok!

Get more followers on TikTok with these simple tips

No one is saying that getting more followers on TikTok is something difficult. There is no secret code, specific hashtags or sounds you can deploy to make all your videos go viral at once. With the right tips, time and effort, your account will grow quickly and in no time you will have the number of followers you are currently dreaming of.

Tip 1. Place consistently

Surely one of the most frequently asked questions by TikTok creators is at number 1; how often do I have to post on TikTok to be included by the algorithm? We recommend that you post at least 1 and up to 3 videos per day on the platform. TikTok prefers creators (people who upload videos) who upload videos consistently.

So when you choose to post at least 1 video on the platform every day, you ensure that you get more and more reach. This extra visibility increases your chances of growing in followers faster.

Don’t have time to think of, record and post a video every day? Then you can choose to record several videos in advance and post them over several days. Do put on some different clothes on this so it does look like you put a lot of effort into your videos.

Tip 2. Like and comment

Are you slowly getting some responses in under your videos? Then try to respond to this as soon as possible and like the comment. This ensures that you boost the visibility of your videos. The more comments (including your own) and uproar that occurs under your video within a short time of uploading it, the more often it will show up in viewers’ feeds.

Not just liking and commenting under your own videos works to garner more followers on TikTok. Also, when you give other creators’ videos a like and comment something nice under them, it also increases page visits. Respond only among people in your target audience, or other accounts with the same target audience. This way you make sure you do bring in only quality followers.

A handy tip from us: do make sure you already have some videos on your account before you start liking and commenting on other accounts. Otherwise, curious users will arrive at an empty profile.

Tip 3. Research what is the best time to post on TikTok

By posting videos at the right times, you maximize your reach. Several studies have shown that the morning is the best time to post a video, between 05:00 and 11:00. But be sure to do your own research, too. Analyze your own videos and see what works best for your personal audience. This way, you can continually optimize your post times and in no time you will know on what day and time your videos are best viewed.

A helpful tip from us: Also read this blog where we discuss what the best times are.

Tip 4. More followers through other social media platforms

Besides TikTok, do you use other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? So use these cleverly to drive more followers to your TikTok. You can do this through a simple link in your bio, promotional post or by simply reposting the TikTok video. Although the platform will not thank you for doing this, this is a good way to get followers from one platform to another.

On the other hand, don’t just post watermarked TikTok videos on Instagram. These will get few views or you will face a shadowban. So deal with this smartly.

Tip 5. Use the right hashtags

Good and relevant hashtags give you the opportunity to get your videos seen by a larger audience. It’s best to add hashtags that fit the video, so don’t paste the same hashtags under every video. Just because a hashtag worked well for one video does not directly mean it will work just as well under another video.

We recommend using 4 to 6 hashtags under each video. If you apply these properly, your video will be shown to more people with similar interests, making it more likely that they will view your profile and follow you.

Tip 5. Invest in TikTok ads

The advantage of advertising on TikTok is that few people or companies do it, making it a cheaper platform than Instagram or Facebook. Like other social media platforms, TikTok has its own Business Manager for its ads. Here you can determine your budget, ad type and payment.

The different types of ads on TikTok are:

  • In-feed: an in-feed ad is a normal video that is shown on the users’ For You page (news feed), in between the normal videos. This is the cheapest option for advertising on TikTok.
  • Tile experience: a tile experience video is similar to an in-feed ad, with the added bonus that additional slides pop up at the bottom of the video with your chosen products.
  • Brand takeover: when you choose brand takeover, your video appears first when someone opens the app. This is a 3- to 5-second ad that the user cannot skip.
  • Topview: a topview ad has the same specifications as a brand takeover, but looks like an in-feed video. This makes it feel more like a normal video, rather than an advertisement.

Which ad fits your account, business or product depends on your budget and purpose. For each ad on TikTok, there are many different types of settings that ensure your post actually reaches the right audience. Definitely something to study if you want to get more followers on TikTok quickly.

Tip 6. See what your target audience finds interesting

Research what your target audience finds interesting and see how you can best respond to this with your account. If your target audience is young adults at the gym, but you also post funny dances and videos about books, viewers will be confused. Keep your videos to 1 niche and research what other accounts are doing within this niche to increase in followers faster.

Also participate in hypes and challenges that are popular within your niche. You don’t have to do extensive research for this, you’ll automatically see on your For You page which music or challenges are more common.

Tip 7. Create authentic content and be creative

You often come across much of the same thing on TikTok; the same dances, the same trends and the same challenges. Although this works well to go viral, we would also recommend that you continue to think of and create unique content. Make sure viewers have a reason to follow you, be unique and set yourself apart from the competition.

Some fun content ideas for on TikTok:

  • Share helpful lifehacks
  • Day in the life; take viewers through what a day looks like for you
  • Share your favorite breakfasts, restaurants and vacation spots
  • Share a storytime in which you discuss an important event for you (or your company)
  • Share peeks behind the scenes

When you combine authentic content with trends, you will see your followers quickly skyrocket. In order to do this, it is very important that you really actually interest and like the topic you are posting videos about. Otherwise, this is immediately apparent.

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Handy tip from us: Never buy followers from a party that also asks for your password!

As you read, there are plenty of ways to get more followers on TikTok. Whether you go for the paid or free options, with enough energy and patience, your account too will gain more followers. Are you serious about using this platform and looking for more tips? Then also read this blog, where we give you tips on how to get more likes on the platform.

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