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Free TikTok followers: Here’s How to Get Them

TikTok has now become one of the most widely used social media platforms. For this reason, the platform attracts many new users, all of whom, of course, are only too eager to become TikTok famous. The number of followers you have plays a big role in this. But what should you do when you don’t want to spend money and depend on free TikTok followers?

Why are more free followers on TikTok important?

Before we give you some tips, it’s good to know why followers on the TikTok platform are so important. After all, they don’t directly ensure that you get a blue checkmark, so why bother?

More TikTok followers help with:

  • Make money: the more followers you have, the more opportunities you have to make money through TikTok.
  • More often on the For You page: the number of followers you have are one of the factors in this, in addition to likes, comments and views.
  • Mutual collaborations: other TikTok creators are more likely to want to collaborate with you when you have a nice number of followers.
  • More prestige: with many followers, users see you as a role model.

Why am I failing to grow in followers?

First, you need to ask yourself why you are not currently growing much in followers. Perhaps your niche is not clear to others, you are addressing the wrong audience or your content is not interesting enough.

Before you get started with the tips below, take a critical look at your own account. Which videos scored bizarrely low? Has there been a period when your views and likes were better? Is your profile well laid out? There is no point in putting extreme effort into an account that actually has too much wrong with it. Then it’s better to choose to start over.

Free TikTok followers through websites

If you just type in the term “free tiktok followers” on Google, you will soon get dozens of hits with websites promising to provide you with free TikTok followers. Whereas one website may be trustworthy, and actually give you free followers in exchange for your email address (they can use it for email marketing), you have to be careful. After all, not every website is trustworthy.

When these websites ask you to enter your password, this is a big RED FLAG anyway. After all, to gain more followers, the platform does not need your password at all. So never do this, and avoid getting hacked.

Tips for free TikTok followers

Would you like to grow organically on TikTok? Then you will have to put time and energy into the platform. The tips below will give you a hand and get you more free TikTok followers on your account.

Don’t give up right away

The most common mistake when someone starts a new TikTok account is that they give up too soon. Just because the first few videos are not an immediate success and you only have a few followers does not mean you are doing badly. When you have chosen the right niche and your content is also of good quality, the followers will come naturally.

The TikTok algorithm takes a while to determine who your content is appropriate for. The more good videos you post, the sooner they find out about this. Many people give up before this time, so they don’t get a big spike of followers later. Super shame, because with a new account they will run into the exact same problem. A viral video within a few videos is really very rare.

Ask your viewers to follow you

No, not in a pleading and annoying way! This just makes people avoid you with a bow. But it’s certainly okay in some videos at the end to positively encourage the viewer to hit the follow button. For example, by using the phrase “Did you find this video interesting? If so, don’t forget to follow me so you’re always up to date….!”

Keep it non-committal and short, and you’ll soon see you gain more free TikTok followers.

Comment under other videos

By responding to different good videos every day within your niche and with the same target audience, you will create more brand awareness. This makes you stand out more and more to viewers, and they will view your account faster.

To accomplish this, don’t just post an emoticon to other videos. This will not stand out to viewers and is therefore a waste of your time. It is much better to write an interesting or engaging response, supplementing the video with your own information. In doing so, try not to appear arrogant, and thank the video creator for his helpful tips!

Create videos on relevant topics

By creating relevant and informative content and addressing the latest news within your industry that appeals to your target audience, you establish yourself as an expert. Is your TikTok account primarily about fitness? Then discuss the latest supplements and give your viewers tips on where you get your supplements. There are relevant topics within each niche that you can make a video about.

Relevant topics are often searched by many users, making them go viral faster. So this is an easy way in which you get to the For You page faster, and thus have a better chance of getting free TikTok followers.

Duet larger content creators

Does one of your favorite great content creators on TikTok post an extremely valuable and good video? Then you can record it as a duet. This way, your video will be shared with more people faster, and you also have a chance that the content creator himself will repost the duet as well!

During the duet, you can give your own opinion or add additional information yourself at the end. Always be respectful though, you don’t want this one duet to actually cause you to suffer image damage and only lose followers rather than grow in the coming time. Duet also mainly only content creators with the same target audience, to best guide the TikTok algorithm.

More free TikTok followers on a corporate account

Have you recently launched a business account on TikTok because you see business after business going viral, but can’t manage it yourself? This is not surprising; many companies struggle to create good content that resonates with TikTok users. We also listed some additional tips especially for these accounts in addition to the helpful tips above.

Entertaining content

Many companies think they can post the same content as they do on Instagram or Facebook on TikTok. This is a big mistake, TikTok is a platform where viewers want to be entertainted, not watch boring advertising spots. In addition, the target audience on TikTok is much younger than, say, Facebook.

As much as possible, work with the 80/20 rule; create and post a fun funny video 80% of the time, leaving 20% for commercials.

Examples of fun content on TikTok:

  • Behind-the-scenes looks
  • Employees who participate in TikTok dances
  • A day in the life of an employee
  • This or that; office edition

Interacting with viewers

Just creating and posting content doesn’t stop there! Many of your customers see social media as an easy way to ask questions or connect with you. Keeping track of your inbox daily is therefore super important. If you don’t do this, you could miss out on potential customers.

In addition, customers often respond to company videos to express their opinions. Do you get negative feedback from a customer under a TikTok video? Then this is your chance to show other users how you handle this. Don’t delete the comment and respond to it in a decent way. This is how customers see that you are doing good customer service.

But even if customers do respond nicely, it is important to thank them for their purchase or that you look forward to reading what they thought of the product. This increases customer loyalty and helps you build long customer relationships.

Join challenges as a company too

You can also use your business account to participate in some popular challenges just fine! In fact, by doing so, you make the account more human, which will bring in more free TikTok followers. Initially, this will cause you to have to step out of your comfort zone. But you will see that when you get a little more with the target audience, you get a lot more out of the platform. For example, many companies today are working with hip content creators to bring their business to the attention of a younger audience as well.

With all the above tips, you should probably succeed in getting more free TikTok followers on your account! Or would you like to try our secret tools? clique here! Would you also like to learn how to get more free TikTok likes? Then check out this blog, where we give you 9 handy tips.

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