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Blue Finch TikTok: How To Get It?

Blue Finch TikTok

How to get the coveted blue checkmark on TikTok

Are you posting enough content weekly, have you reached a nice number of followers and have you gone viral a few times? Then you are probably slowly starting to ask yourself when you will get that coveted blue checkmark on TikTok. Of course, it could also be that you are still building your followers, and just want to know exactly how that works with the blue tick. Many people in that position buy TikTok followers to increase their chances of getting a blue tick.

Anyway, in this blog we are going to discuss what the blue tick on TikTok means, among other things. In addition, we look at when you get one. And then how to apply for your coveted blue tick on TikTok.

What does the blue checkmark on TikTok mean?

When you see the blue check mark next to a TikTok account name, it means that the account in question has been verified. A verified account on TikTok has been verified by TikTok itself, verifying that the creator of the account is actually who she or he says they are. You often see this verification badge (that’s what TikTok likes to call it) on accounts with lots of followers, celebrities or large corporate accounts.

The verification badges on TikTok not only help viewers identify trusted accounts, but also benefit the verified accounts themselves. It helps them build trust with their followers and adds an important layer of clarity within the TikTok community.

If an account has a blue checkmark in a different place, such as the photo or bio, then it is a fake blue checkmark. This was then put there by the account creator himself, which does not make it a verified account. The only one handing out verification badges is TikTok itself.

When do you get a blue checkmark on TikTok?

To get a verified account on TikTok, you must meet some criteria. It does not look specifically at the number of followers you have on your account, although it does help with getting a blue tick on TikTok.

Some standard account requirements that TikTok considers during verification are:

  • Authentic: the account represents a real person, company or entity.
  • Active: you must have logged in 1x in the past 6 months.
  • Complete: the account must be public, have a profile picture, have a completed bio, have at least 1 video uploaded and include a name.
  • Secure: you must have multiple authentication enabled with a verified email address.
  • Guidelines: videos posted to the account must comply with TikTok’s community guidelines and terms of use.

In addition, content points such as:

  • The daily growth of followers;
  • viewing time growth;
  • viral content.

Once you have obtained a verification badge from TikTok, it can be removed again at any time and without any notice. This often involves a username that has changed, the account type that has been modified or an account that does not adhere to TikTok’s guidelines.

Blue checkmark TikTok request

Currently in the Netherlands, it is not yet possible to request a blue checkmark on TikTok yourself. This is where TikTok lags behind compared to Instagram and Twitter. The only way you can get a blue checkmark on TikTok is to stand out with unique and entertaining content.

The team responsible for these verification badges is the Creator Launch Team. You can’t email them or anything. So you will really have to stand out enough on the platform itself. When you qualify for the blue checkmark, you will receive an email from the platform itself.

In other countries it is already possible to apply for verification yourself, should this soon be possible in the Netherlands, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the TikTok app and click on your profile at the bottom.
  2. Now click your menu button in the upper right corner (these are the 3 dashes).
  3. Click Settings and Privacy.
  4. Then under the account button you will find the verification button.
    1. With a business account, you can only request business verification.
    2. With a personal account, you can request personal and setting authentication.
  1. Follow the steps in the app to request the verification badge.

Can you buy the blue checkmark on TikTok?

Buy the blue tick from TikTok? No unfortunately you cannot, as with Twitter and Instagram, the verification badge is not for sale. A TikTok tick must be earned from the Creator Launch Team, and thus cannot be redeemed.

All websites that say they can do this should be seen as unreliable. Probably this is a way to hack your account, or you are paying for a blue checkmark on TikTok that will later be removed by the platform itself. It makes more sense to put this money into a good ringlight, editing app or camera equipment.

Tips blue tick TikTok

Getting noticed, then, is what it’s all about when you’re eager to get a blue checkmark on TikTok. We’ve listed the best tips for you so you can quickly get started with your content. Not only will this help you grow in followers and likes faster, it will also give you the opportunity to get the blue checkmark on TikTok faster.

Use popular songs and follow trends

When your video features a popular sound or song, your video is more likely to get more reach. Because users often search for popular sounds (to go viral themselves), your already recorded video with that sound will appear higher and higher on the For You page. This is because TikTok then thinks that many people like that sound, and therefore pushes videos with that sound extra up the algorithm.

Don’t know what sounds or music is trending right now? Then in the app, go to discover via sounds and voila! Here you will find all popular sounds sorted by category. Super convenient!

Use the 3 second rule

When you upload a video on TikTok, the algorithm immediately puts it (for a short duration) with some users on the For You page. This allows TikTok to see if users are interested in your video, and see if this video is fun enough to share with others as well.

They do this by controlling viewing time. If you post a 1-minute video where viewers drop out at 10 seconds, your video has little chance of being shared further by the algorithm. This is because TikTok then thinks your video is boring and does not cause users to stick around on the app longer.

You avoid this by working with the 3-second rule. Make sure the first 3 seconds of your video are fun, entertaining or jarring, causing viewers to linger at your video instead of scrolling through. Be sure to maintain this at a few points during the video so that viewers absolutely want to keep watching until the end of the video.

Post consistent and engaging content

Try to save your videos so that you share at least 1 video with your target audience every day. This way, TikTok sees that you are an active user who puts a lot of time into the app. On the other hand, this does not mean that you should just haphazardly record and post some videos. High-quality and engaging videos are important to get noticed by the Creator Launch Team.

Use hashtags smartly to increase your reach

With a number of viral videos in your pocket, you are more likely to be chosen by the Creator Launch Team. Besides popular songs and following trends, hashtags have a big impact on the reach of your video.

Hashtags help make your videos easy to find. Users often search the search bar on certain hashtags to get to the right kind of videos. Use this knowledge smartly, and research the viral hashtags within your niche. When picking, make sure you do choose hashtags that fit the video itself. Otherwise, your hashtag usage could still be seen as annoying and your videos won’t reach the right audience.

Examples of general popular hashtags:

  • #fy #fyp #foryou: people use these hashtags to get to the For You page faster.
  • #………challenge: putting specific challenge names in your description helps people find your funny videos faster.
  • #viral: research has shown that users who use these hashtags are more likely to land on the For You page.

Don’t forget to also add relevant hashtags for your own page here, and place each video between 4 and 6 hashtags.

Get verified on other platforms

Having an authentication badge on other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter increases your chances of getting one on TikTok as well. The advantage to this is that these verification badges are easier to obtain on these platforms, and you can apply for them yourself. So get on this right away to increase your chances of getting a blue tick on TikTok. You can always post content (without watermark) from TikTok on other platforms to spend less time.

All in all, enough information to get started! Would you like more information about growing at TikTok? Then check out this blog, where we discuss how to increase your number of followers on the platform. Try our secret tools!

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