Welke social media zijn er Christenen

What Social Media Are There? A Comprehensive List

Anno 2023, social media is an integral part of our society. Every day, millions of Dutch people scroll for hours on their favorite platform to keep up with the latest news, updates from friends and for entertainment from the funniest videos. But what social media are all there really?

Top 10 social media list

Social media includes all the platforms that allow you as an individual or a business to connect with others.

Whether you are looking for the right platform for business or personal use. We can help you! There are many different types of social media, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In this social media list, you’ll find the 10 most popular platforms you should definitely check out. We discuss the platform’s popularity, highlights and give you some more helpful tips. Which of the following social media platforms do you prefer to use?


Surely, with flying colors, TikTok ranks No. 1 in this social media list in terms of growing popularity. Thus, the number of users on this video platform was already 75% higher in 2022 than the previous year, and we certainly expect continued growth in the coming years. For both personal and business use, it is smart to start doing this now, before the platform is saturated.

For those not yet familiar with TikTok; this platform is all about entertainment through short videos (preferably no longer than 1 minute). The algorithm determines what you as a viewer will see based on the videos you completely finish watching, which ones you “heart” and who you follow.

If you want to use TikTok for business, there are many advantages. This way you quickly generate a high reach, you can more easily appeal to a younger audience and it is possible to header your other social media platforms to your profile. This makes it easy for visitors to click through to your Instagram page or website, for example.

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With 10.3 million Dutch users per year, Facebook certainly still belongs in this social media list, although the platform has taken some beating over the past year. In fact, the number of visitors dropped for the first time since its inception.

The advantage of Facebook is that you have an enormous number of options. This allows visitors to post both photos and videos, and you even have the option of going “live. You can think of this as an easy way of livestreaming. In doing so, your followers can watch and respond directly to what you have to say or show.

In addition, Facebook is primarily used by businesses to advertise. In fact, Facebook’s ad algorithm is very well set up. You can get your ads in front of exactly the right audience through the many options Facebook gives you.


One of the key features of Instagram is that the platform is visual. Actually, you should think of it as a photo/video diary for personal users and as a visual website for business users. Instagram has a big advantage because of this, visual images stick with people more easily.

To use Instagram for business the right way, there are many tricks you can employ. For example, consider researching and deploying hashtags. Or using Reels, the video tab on Instagram where you post and watch shorter videos (like on TikTok).

A handy tip from us: video is playing an increasingly important role on Instagram. So in addition to static images, try alternating with videos on your timeline. Consider tips within your target audience, for example, or a round of introductions in which you answer followers’ questions.


Whereas the above three platforms are primarily geared toward visual imagery, Twitter does it a little differently. After all, Twitter is mostly about short texts you share and current events. These can be thoughts, reactions, opinions or other short communications. Although the number of annual users is not extremely high (3.5 million Dutch people), we still recommend you check out this platform. This is because the target audience on Twitter is completely different than on Instagram and Facebook.

The short texts make the platform very clear and quickly searchable. You can also expand your network in a quick way, one simple click on the “follow” button and you have put yourself on the map with a potential client.


LinkedIn is a widely used platform in the business world. Whether you are looking for a job, or just own a business and are looking for new talents; LinkedIn is the right place. As a job seeker, you can find a lot of information about jobs within your sector on this platform, as well as share your business successes and look for other professionals in your field of work.

Many companies create a business page on LinkedIn to post job openings. But the possibilities are even greater than that. This way you can attract new collaborations, share unique promotions and create more clarity about the vision the company. This attracts both talent and customers.


Whether you’re looking for ideas for the bathroom, new kitchen, crafts for your daughter or a birthday party theme; you’ll find plenty of mood boards on Pinterest to inspire you. Easily find DIYs that fit your search and save them at the touch of a button, making them appear on your own mood board.

In doing so, Pinterest is also a powerful marketing tool; in fact, you can compare the platform to a visual search engine. When you use the right keywords in your titles you will reach a lot of people and redirect them to your website.

A helpful tip from us: It takes time for your business to become highly visible on Pinterest. Be patient and post content regularly, and you’ll be fine!


Among younger audiences, Snapchat is still a popular platform used for mutual communication. With some 4.3 million Dutch users, the platform is known for its unique personality. You only share photos or videos with people you choose and can use fun filters.

But you also see more and more companies using Snapchat for recruitment campaigns. This allows candidates to contact the company in a low-threshold manner by sending their phone number to a business account. Or, photos are shared of the work environment, fun outings and motivated employees, giving future talent a representation of what it’s like to work at the company.


Although many people forget about this platform, YouTube really belongs in this social media list. You can follow different channels on YouTube, like videos and even create and upload your own videos. For example, you can choose to create your own personal account and create videos about your passion, hopefully building a nice number of followers and even earning YouTube revenue from it!

But it is also possible, if you have a business, to create a business account where you upload commercial videos. For example, think about styling certain outfits when you run a clothing store, or talking about the benefits of fitness when you are a personal trainer and are looking for more clients. YouTube has many opportunities, for both visitors seeking entertainment and commercial users!


Surely Spotify is the Valhalla among music lovers and music artists who want to bring their music to people. The streaming service has about 433 million users worldwide, with a consistent annual growth rate of about 19%. On this platform, you as a listener can save your favorite songs in your playlist and share them with your friends. You can additionally discover new music in an easy way.

Artists use Spotify to release music; they earn a percentage on the number of times songs are listened to. But festivals and clubs also use it to let potential customers know what kind of music to expect at their place.

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Twitch is a live streaming website that mainly features gamers and musicians. On this platform, viewers can talk directly to the streamer in question through chat and also support them financially by sending a bit donation. The platform has several categories, from specific games to “just social chatting,” there is bound to be a livestream and streamer among them that you enjoy watching.

As a streamer on Twitch, one of the ways you can earn money is through collaborations, ads and bit donations. If you put in enough time and build up followers, this is definitely a fun way to earn a penny on the side!

After reading this blog, you have answered the question “what social media are. What platform are you putting in this year and growing using the tips in our other blogs? For example, check out this blog where we give you tips on how to go viral on TikTok.

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