most common mistakes made by influencers

Four Disastrous Mistakes Every Influencer Makes

Everyone makes mistakes. And making mistakes is very natural. That’s how we learn as human beings.

We can make mistakes ourselves and learn from them.

But we can also choose to learn from other people’s mistakes.

This is a much more effective way of learning.

These four mistakes have been made by all influencers at least once.

The great thing is that they learned from it and are now successful as a result.

These four mistakes can be disastrous for the growth of your social media profile.

Therefore, we want to make sure you know them so you can avoid these mistakes from now on!

Because your growth on social media is what matters most.

1. Not being consistent

Many wannabe influencers post something a few times in a row in hopes of getting instant recognition.

If after a week or two it appears that their growth is not going fast enough, they give up.

The solution: growth happens consistently and takes time.

2. Focusing only on the number of followers

Many (wannabe) influencers focus only on the number of followers, forgetting that engagement is also important.

Engagement is meant by likes, views and reactions.

With more followers comes not immediately more likes and views.

Solution: focus on engagement as well.

3. Focus on quantity rather than quality

Another big made mistake is focusing too much on quantity instead of quality.

Of course, quantity is also important, but without quality you achieve nothing.

You want to have followers who engage.


Use quality engagement.

4. Not using cross promote

Many influencers make the mistake of only being active on one social media platform.

A shame, because it is precisely being active on multiple platforms that can provide EXPONENTIAL growth.


Focus on cross-promotion and build social media presence on multiple social media platforms.

These were the 4 most disastrous mistakes made by influencers.

Hopefully you learned something from it.

If you know of another mistake, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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