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Fake Followers on Instagram and TikTok. How to Recognize and Remove Them

If you’re often on Instagram or TikTok you’ve probably seen it pass by; news stories about influencers being exposed for buying fake followers. Although companies and influencers naturally keep their lips tightly sealed, more people are buying fake followers than you might initially think.

In this blog you will read why people or companies buy fake followers, how to check if you have fake followers, how to remove them on Instagram and how to buy them yourself.

Why do people buy fake followers?

Both individuals and businesses often buy fake followers for Instagram or TikTok. This may be for various reasons, such as having a certain prestige, having little patience or to get more collaborations. In the following headings, we discuss this in more detail.

More prestige

Having more prestige is often the biggest reason for companies to buy fake followers. When someone looks at your business social media profile and sees tens of thousands of followers there, you come across as more trustworthy. People then think that many customers have already purchased something from you and are satisfied with it. This makes customers more likely to purchase a product or service from you.

In doing so, you come across as more authoritarian in relation to the competition. When a customer is still unsure between Company 1 or Company 2, a big difference in the number of followers can make the decisive choice.

Little patience for organic growth

When you start a new account as an individual or business with a profitable goal, the number of followers can be quite disappointing in the first few months. Growing a new account takes time and a lot of energy, something many people don’t feel like doing. Buying fake followers reduces the amount of time you have to wait, so you actually kickstart your social media page with this.

Once you have a nice number of followers, new people will follow you faster. They then feel like “one of many,” making the step to follow you feel less great. Because of this, you will also see a difference in the number of new followers you grow.

More collaborations

If you want to use Instagram or another social media platform to make money as an individual, you need collaborations with companies. The companies that offer these always look at the number of followers of an account and decide from there whether they want to hire you and how much you will be paid. Thus, buying fake followers ensures that you as an influencer are more likely to get collaborations and receive higher payouts.

Be aware, these days you are also often asked about your engagement rate. For this reason, it is important that you also receive enough likes and/or comments on your posts. If this is not already the case, make sure that you buy these as well, to appear more trustworthy to the company you want to work with.

Checking fake followers, how do you do it?

Anyone can buy fake followers for a social media account. This also means that for an account that is not yours, you can therefore enable fake followers. Are you curious if your account has fake followers, or are you asking this of a company? Then you can check fake followers through handy online tools.

Fake followers Instagram TikTok tool

For example, you can check fake followers on Instagram on HypeAuditor ‘s website. This is a free tool that shows you the quality score of the page. They do this by comparing the number of followers to the engagement rate (this means how often a post or story is responded to). But also on websites like Socialblade, you can easily see when an account has suddenly gained bizarre numbers of followers.

In addition to the online tools, you can also check yourself if a company has a lot of fake followers. Below we have listed a few landmarks to watch out for.

  • See if the account has many followers without a profile picture
  • See if you see lots of crazy names with lots of numbers
  • Take a look at the posts, do they all have about the same number of likes?
  • See if many followers are from Asian or Arab countries
  • Often, fake followers themselves have no posts on their accounts

Lastly, it is also notable that fake followers often follow a lot of people but have almost no followers themselves. To find out for yourself if an account has a lot of fake followers, you have to take some time. Sometimes they are fairly well hidden.

How do you buy or get fake followers?

To buy fake followers, you don’t have to go to much trouble. A simple Google search already pops up dozens of websites eager to sell you fake followers. Here it is especially important that you pay attention to quality. Many websites offer fake followers with very low quality. For example, they have no profile picture, are inactive and stand out clearly. Also, they often come from other continents, so they do not connect well with your target audience.

Fake Followers at Likes-Buying

Do you want to boost your own business page or personal page but are not waiting for bad fake followers that are instantly recognizable? Then buy only high-quality Instagram followers. At Likes-kopen, you can buy active and high-quality Instagram followers that are indistinguishable from fake ones. You can also buy TikTok followers from high-quality accounts. This way you don’t have to worry about being exposed by a Juice channel!

Whether on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or any other social media platform. Likes-buying offers high quality followers that you won’t find anywhere else. Thereby, when you order you can choose between fake followers from all over the world, only Dutch and male or female. Be sure to read some of our positive reviews and email us when you have a question. We are proud of our customer service score of 9.9 for a reason.

Free fake followers

When you see somewhere online that you can get free fake followers, this is often a promotion for a company. The website you get the free fake followers from shows you how easy it is to do this, thus promoting their own service. You’ll get a good idea of the quality of fake followers and the process this way. Thus, you are more likely to buy fake followers from them next time for money.

Be careful with this. Never enter your password anywhere and handle your personal data properly. The last thing you are waiting for is to have your business or private account hacked, something some websites are unfortunately bent on doing.

Delete fake followers on Instagram

Did you find out that your Instagram account has fake followers and want to delete them? If so, there are several ways to do so. There are several apps and programs to help you with this. An example of this is “Cleaner for IG,” an app that looks at which of your following are fake followers for you and even deletes them for you. But be sure to also take a look at Social Audit Pro‘s software. You have to pay for this, but this software is the cream of the crop when it comes to removing fake followers on Instagram.

Fake follower removal tool

Of course, you can also choose to find out for yourself who your fake followers are and delete them manually. This takes some time, but you can judge best yourself whether someone is following your profile out of interest or is a fake follower.

A handy tip from us: Are you going to work on removing fake followers yourself? Then don’t delete more than 25 followers at a time. This can cause Instagram to see you as a SPAM account, which affects how they show your posts. In addition, deleting fake followers on Instagram does cause a dip in your number of followers, which may be noticed by others. So keep this in mind.

Is buying fake followers punishable?

You don’t have to worry much when you plan to buy fake followers. Platforms such as Instagram and TikTok do not allow you to buy fake followers, but do not check much for this.

Currently, there is only one known case of a suspended fine for buying an extremely large number of fake followers and likes. This was imposed on Mo Bicep in 2020, where he was condemned by the Consumer & Market Authority for buying nearly 100,000 followers and an even greater number of fake likes. He was forced to remove all fake followers and likes and would otherwise have to pay a fine of 100,000 euros.

Buying fake followers is always at your own risk. So be sure not to overdo the number all at once and think carefully about the pros and cons. Do you have fake followers but didn’t buy them yourself and aren’t sitting on them? Then try to wipe your account clean bit by bit using one of the methods we discussed earlier in this blog.

In addition to fake followers now fake likes

It probably won’t surprise you that in addition to fake followers, you also have a lot of fake likes. These are often low-quality likes that add little to no value to your posts or videos. All these likes do is increase the number of likes on your profile.

You can buy high-quality likes of real quality at Likes-kopen (the name says it all). These are likes from real profiles with profile photos, publications and activity. You can buy Instagram likes for this purpose for your reels and posts. You can also buy TikTok likes for your TikTok videos

In this blog you were able to read how to recognize fake followers, where to buy fake followers and how to remove them through an application or yourself. Are you getting started with your social media? Then be sure to check out our other blogs on useful social media topics, such as this one on getting more likes on Facebook.

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