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Discover The Pros And Cons Of Social Media For Business

Are you thinking about whether it’s a good idea to use social media for your business?

Then this blog is for you!

In fact, there are several factors to consider before making this choice.

On this page you’ll find the pros and cons of social media for business listed, so you’ll know within minutes if it’s right for your business and vision.

The benefits of social media for businesses

Business social media pages are increasingly seen on platforms.

It started mainly on Facebook and LinkedIn, but business pages have also become indispensable on platforms such as Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.

We don’t think this is crazy, take a look at the following benefits of social media for businesses.

A good business card

Whereas potential customers used to go to the relevant website when they needed more company information, this way of searching has changed considerably in recent years.

Whether it’s looking up the location, atmospheric images or sincere reviews, often people are currently leaning more and more towards social media as a search engine.

This causes you to miss out on a lot of customers if you do nothing with social media.

For this reason, it is important that your business is highly visible online and conveys the right vision.

Think of your social media as an online business card; it should fit your business both front and back.

Potential customers are more likely to be convinced to purchase a service or product from you when your channels are up-to-date and good reviews can be found about you.

Reach thousands of people with one post

For many business owners, it’s a dream; going viral on social media.

Although many keep it to dreams, it is still wise to take action and really get serious about social media.

Indeed, you can indeed go viral with one 40-second video on the social media platform TikTok, for example, and sell the entire range empty within one day.

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Be in touch with your target audience

One of the biggest benefits of social media for businesses is that, as a business, you are truly in touch with your target audience.

Whereas with a TV commercial or radio ad, no one can respond to you, thousands of people can respond to you (and you to them) on social media.

This makes it easy to find out what your target audience finds attractive or not, very useful in the first phase of your business!

This contact also enhances customer loyalty.

How you communicate with your customers on social media is related to the customer trust you build.

You can use this as an edge over the competition.

Social media for business is free to use!

Social media is completely free to use, even if you create a business account.

Within minutes you will have opened an account and be up and running.

This immediately makes the barrier to entry much lower.

Other than time and energy, you have nothing to lose.

Of course, don’t take it too easy, set up a content plan and research what works well with the competition to get the most out of this free marketing.

In addition, there are many tools and websites that give you free tips and tricks, be sure to take advantage of them.

Do you choose to work with ads?

Then you do pay a fee to the platform, so it is no longer completely free.

Generating visitors to your website

In addition to name recognition, customer loyalty and trust, a major benefit of social media for businesses is easily directing customers to the website.

On many social media platforms, it is possible to put a link to your website on the business profile, making it easier for customers to take a look here.

It is also possible to tag products on Instagram and Facebook, for example, and add a direct link to them.

This way, the customer instantly knows how much the product costs, whether it is still available, and they are directed to the website to actually shop it with the click of a button.

So it is made very easy for potential customers to purchase something from you!

Measurable results

Platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook ensure that you have plenty of results to read weekly or monthly.

In an easy and free overview, you can see which audience you reached, which content performed best and how much interaction there was.

This gives you a simple way to keep improving your content.

In addition to the dashboards of the platforms themselves, there are plenty of other tools you can employ.

Examples include Hootsuite, Buffer and Loomy.

These tools not only help you collect your results, but also, for example, research the right hashtags and captions.

The disadvantages of social media for businesses

Although there are many advantages to social media, there are also some disadvantages of social media for businesses to consider.

Thus, below we discuss the potential reputational damage and the time you have to put into it.

Possible reputational damage

The chance that a dissatisfied customer will end up on your social media and express their opinion there, through a bad review or angry text under a post, is something you need to consider.

In doing so, it is not wise to respond angrily or worse, delete the message.

Always respond nicely to complaints and bad reviews and, as a company, offer an appropriate solution so that others see how you treat your customers.

In doing so, it is always good to double-check the content you post on social media.

Some statements that you find funny or amusing may be perceived by others as unpleasant.

The same goes for photo material, does it match the company’s brand values?

Be critical in this.

Too many different types of platforms

Many people do not know which social media is right for their business.

This often manifests itself in companies using many different platforms without having a purpose, posting consistently or setting up the channel correctly.


Because this puts the company in a bad light.

To determine the best social media platform for your business, you have to go back to the core.

Who is your target audience and what social media are they on?

In doing so, you should also keep in mind that this platform may change over time.

Thus, your target audience may move from one platform to the next new hype.

It is important to be flexible about this.

A handy tip from us: Want to know what corporate social media are and how to use them?

Then check out this social media list of the most popular platforms!

It takes time to understand your platform

If you think you can start up a business social media account for the first time and grow it to thousands of REAL followers within a few days, you will soon be wrong.

It takes some time to understand the social media platform of your choice, classify your page correctly, create a content strategy and attract potential customers.

Hackers or profile deleted

Social media can sometimes be unpredictable.

One minute you’ve built up thousands of followers and your marketing funnel is working optimally, and the next minute your password gets hacked and you can’t access your account.

As annoying as this is, often you have little control over it.

The hackers will demand a sum of money, be smart and do not accept this!

Contact the platform and hopefully you will get your business account back.

The same goes for a sudden removal from the platform for “breaking community guidelines.

This too can happen to you out of the blue, it is important that you remain calm and contact the platform itself even with this.

A helpful tip from us: Always make sure you use multiple social media platforms for your business.

For example, choose Instagram and TikTok or LinkedIn and Facebook.

This way you always keep one account active should something go wrong.

Certainly don’t let these disadvantages of social media for businesses stop you.

If you put enough time and energy into your channels and work critically, these certainly outweigh the many benefits.

All in all, we definitely recommend social media for businesses.

See which social media best suits your audience and business and get started as soon as possible.

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