Buying Linkedin Likes


Give your message on Linkedin a big boost by making it more likely to be found interesting? With us you can therefore buy Linkedin likes!

Order now and receive 15-220 Star Points (VIP members get more)
Order now and receive 15-220 Star Points (VIP members get more)
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NOTE: This service may violate Linkedin’s guidelines. Therefore, order at your own risk.

Start-up time is between 24 and 48 hours. After that, the ordered likes come with it quite smoothly.

Interesting 👍 buy likes for Linkedin message

On Linkedin, a post may be liked or found interesting. One does this by clicking on the little thumb. These are also called likes. If people find the post interesting then the post becomes more findable, and therefore is seen more often. In addition, it attracts more attention because more people like it. It also reinforces the value of the content because if many people find it interesting, it must be of value.


Business applications

The social media channel is primarily business in nature, and when you want to boost your own business it certainly doesn’t hurt to buy Linkedin likes. Allow your post to be found interesting by more people, as this strengthens your company’s image. Should you want to give your company profile itself another good boost, you can also order Linkedin followers from us!


Other features

The likes (interesting) come from global Linkedin users. The likes are permanent. Of course, you will receive a VAT invoice with every order so you can process the purchase in your accounting as well.

Not active on LinkedIn?

Of course, you may not be active on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is also comparatively a lot smaller than, say, Instagram or Tiktok. Are you looking for ways to boost your Insta account? Then consider buying likes. In addition to boosting your photos, you can also make your entire profile look a lot better by buying Insta followers.

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