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Increase Linkedin followers


How Does LinkedIn Gather Followers Effectively? Increasing the number of LinkedIn followers on your business LinkedIn page provides many benefits. Not only does increasing the number of followers contribute to better organic reach, but you also ensure that you are building your own online community and brand awareness. Do you also want to increase your LinkedIn reach? Then be sure to use the 14 tips in this blog for inspiration for your business page.

Increase LinkedIn reach

That you took the step to create a company page on LinkedIn is already super good. It is a free way to create more online visibility and comes across as professional. Yet increasing the number of LinkedIn followers proves easier said than done for most entrepreneurs. We are going to give you a hand through the tips below!

Good to know; these tips are useful for all business pages, including a business page that has only just been created.

Tip 1: Name contacts in your posts

An easy way to ensure that your posts are shared more often by third parties is by naming contacts in your posts. Of course, do this only when it fits the post, otherwise it comes across as odd. For example, did you visit a customer to measure something? Then take a picture of the before and after situation and thank the customers for their trust. By including one or more contacts in your post, they receive a notification and are more likely to share the post or leave a comment.

When contacts choose to share the post, your content comes in front of a whole group of new people who may also be interested in your product or service. A win- win situation; you have new content and increase your number of views in one fell swoop.

Tip 2: Try out different lengths of text

A huge amount of content is posted daily on LinkedIn by various companies. You need to make sure your content stands out and grabs viewers’ attention. You do this by experimenting with short and long texts. What appeals most to your target audience? What do you get the most responses to?

In doing so, it is good to know that LinkedIn only shows 150 words of your text in a post. If your text is longer than this number, the reader must press “display more” to read the piece of text. So make sure these 150 words are catchy enough and start with something that stands out.

Tip 3: Optimize your SEO

Did you know that LinkedIn also does SEO just like Google does? By using relevant keywords in your page information, filling in all company details and posting relevant and interesting content that your target audience likes, both LinkedIn and Google ensure that you are more findable.

Tip 4: Place consistently

When you consistently post informative and good content on a weekly basis, LinkedIn ensures that your posts appear at the top of users’ feeds. Indirectly, this makes you more likely to get a comment or like, thus increasing your reach.

Are you just not managing to post consistently? Then once a month, create a content calendar for yourself in which you already set up all the content for that month. This way, you don’t have to think about what to post every week and provide a stick.

Tip 5: Use the right hashtags

Instagram and Twitter are certainly not the only platforms where hashtags are important. When you post on LinkedIn without a hashtag, it only reaches your followers. Whereas when you choose to add as many as 3 to 5 hashtags, it reaches a whole new group of people.

Because LinkedIn users often search on hashtags, your content appears to the right audience. So this way you are dealing with quality leads. Be sure to use fairly general hashtags that fall within your niche and product or services, as these are the most viewed.

Tip 6: Get started with video

More and more platforms are favoring video over text or photos, and so is LinkedIn. When you share a video, it will spread faster and higher by LinkedIn’s algorithm. In doing so, video also catches the eye of viewers more, making them more likely to respond to it. This in turn ensures that your content is also shared with third parties.

Tip 7: Launch a campaign with follower ads

This tip is for users already familiar with LinkedIn ads: Run a dynamic ad campaign with your business page using the follower ad format. This is one of the advertising opportunities within the LinkedIn platform that is often underestimated. By taking advantage of this powerful targeting opportunity, your LinkedIn reach will increase significantly.

Haven’t worked with LinkedIn ads yet? If so, we recommend you read some videos or articles about this first, before getting started with Follower Ads.

Tip 8: Share job postings on the page

LinkedIn is used by many people in finding a new job. As a company, you can capitalize on this very well by sharing job postings on your page yourself. Not only will your LinkedIn business page now be higher findable on Google, but you will also attract a whole new group of people; namely, not only customers, but future talent!

In doing so, it also doesn’t hurt to let your followers themselves know that you are looking for talent within your field. Who knows, maybe a follower knows someone who is a perfect fit for your business and it saves you a search yourself.

Tip 9: Invite your connections

Each month, a business page gets 100 credits that page administrators can use to invite their connections for free. This is an easy way to increase your LinkedIn followers. Be careful not to invite just anyone, or you will soon run out of credits and have to wait another complete month. Choose only people you estimate would follow the page. Do they do this? Then you get your credit back and you can invite another!

Tip 10: LinkedIn stories

On your personal LinkedIn page, share stories featuring highlights from the company page. LinkedIn stories are often viewed by more people than the posts themselves, and because you’re posting company updates generate viewer interest. For example, you can post a before picture of a project, and mention in your story that if the viewer wants to see the end result, they should look on the company page.

With this, you send a new group of people to the business page who will hopefully follow the page immediately. You can also ask other colleagues to do this, making this group even larger.

Tip 11: Business cards

Do you use corporate cards? Then you can put a lot of information on there these days, including the wonderful LinkedIn logo! This triggers people to take a look at the company page.

It is also common these days for companies to work with QR codes on company cards or information leaflets. As a result, interested parties no longer have to look you up, but can scan the QR code which takes them directly to the LinkedIn company page. Now that’s convenient!

Tip 12: Analyze your competitors’ pages

Get inspiration by analyzing what content is working well with competitors. And no, we don’t mean now that you should copy their content one-to-one. But you may be able to see what kind of content resonates with your target audience. Are these long or short texts? Do they do a lot with video? Or do they show many results?

On the other hand, it is also helpful to see what they are not doing just yet. This allows you to be the only company to offer something that the other pages do not show. Handle this information smartly and be sure to keep an eye on others.

Tip 13: Add the LinkedIn page to your website

Make sure that all social media channels can also be found on the website itself by placing convenient icons in the top or bottom corner. When potential customers are already on your website, they are more likely to take a moment to follow you on social media as well. Not only to learn more about the company, but also because it will make it easier for them to find you later.

Tip 14: Kickstart your business page through Likes-buying

Are you just not getting more followers? Or don’t have much time to invest to increase your LinkedIn followers? Then you can always choose to buy followers through Likes-buying. As a professional platform, we work with quality followers that are indistinguishable from fake. This way, you do not have to fear image damage and you come across as more trustworthy due to the higher number of followers.

With these 14 tips, you should definitely succeed in increasing your LinkedIn followers. Want to know more about how to optimize your LinkedIn company page? Then be sure to check out this blog where we take a deeper look at setting up a LinkedIn company page correctly.

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