the perfect instagram picture

The best tips for a perfect Instagram photo

the best tips for a perfect instagram photo

Instagram is very popular among young people these days but older people are also using it more and more.
Everyone is doing their best to gain as many followers and likes as possible. This can be done through buying instagram followers, or buying instagram likes.
The likes and followers make your profile appear professional/convincing.
People who have a business can use Instagram for social media marketing.
To get many likes you will have to make sure you have a good photo.
Below we give you a few tips for a good attractive insta photo.

TIP 1 : choose good quality

Quality is a very important aspect when it comes to a good photograph. The clearer and sharper the image is, the better it looks. Few people are going to like an insta photo if it is blurry.


magnifying glass sharp and blurred


TIP 2 : make sure you have a nice background

The background also plays a big role in ensuring a perfect picture. Of course you want you or your object to be in the spotlight. It is important then to make sure your background is “clean.” For example: when you want to take a quick cute picture on the street, make sure no other people walk by. Want to take a fun selfie? Then a neutral blank environment is best, so no dirty countertop in the background or a pile of ironing. By having a clean background, you make it clear where the attention should go.

Example 1: no cars to be seen Example 2: neutral background

woman with quiet background


TIP 3 : create a unique style

By this we mean that you can give your images a certain style.
This can be based on a particular filter, or feature.
Do you always use the same filter or do you often have a neutral background? Then people soon recognize that the photos are yours, which is good! Because by doing this, you are also giving your profile a nice look at the same time.

Example: same filter used, same font etc..

Instagram filters


TIP 4 : power of light

Make sure you have beautiful light. A proper focus on light can do wonders.
Try to play with the light. You can use light to capture different moods. It is not always easy to get the perfect raid, practice makes perfect!


light effect flower


TIP 5 : shoot from the right angle

Of course, you want to be able to post the perfect picture on Instagram.
Photographing from a good perspective can make a lot of difference.
Not only perspective is important but also the pose can cause change.
Spontaneous photos are liked more often. So choose a pose that comes across as spontaneous.

Example: “I pretend to drink” Example: above perspective

perspective to a picture

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