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How will Instagram’s algorithm work in 2020

How will Instagram’s algorithm work in 2020

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Instagram has implemented a new algorithm. Instagram determines for you which posts appear first in your Instagram view. This is determined by several factors. Continue reading this article and find out how you can create more reaches on Instagram.


How often do you open Instagram?

Those who are very active on Insta are rewarded the most. By this we mean that if you post a photo regularly or leave a comment with someone every now and then, you will become more quickly findable in search results and end up in the explore page which will give you more followers.

Do you often open Instagram but never post a photo or insta story? Then for instagram this means that you are not active enough which means you are less likely to be found and thus will not gain many followers.


What you like is what you get to see

These days, Instagram knows all too well which topics and people you like. Everything is tracked, because of this you always get to see the same people and topics first. So it is no coincidence that on the explore page there are all pictures that appeal to you.


How active do I need to be to get results?

It is recommended to post a photo 3-4 times a week at a set time. If you have a company profile then you can go to settings and then click on statistics, there you will find what time your followers are most active.

In addition, it is important to leave a comment with someone from time to time when you open your Instagram app. Also, when someone has responded to your photo, it is advisable to respond back to it with a thank you, for example.

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